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xbill | Shaft Challenge

thesetup.jpg grenadetoss.jpg holdon.jpg allsystemsgo.jpg
shaft1.jpg shaft2.jpg shaft3.jpg shaft4.jpg
shaft5.jpg shaft6.jpg theroom.jpg pit1.jpg
pit2.jpg pit3.jpg shaft8.jpg shaft7.jpg
shaftthrow.jpg shaftjump.jpg
320x240 | 3.9 mb | 32 seconds
320x240 | 3.3 mb | 21 seconds
Click the frames above to see the movies. Or, option-click (right-click on a PC) the 'DOWNLOAD' links to download them directly to your hard drive. Both movies are in QuickTime 5 format.

A grenade jump to the room across the shaft.

On April 4, 2002, bonk challenged the HBO Forum to get into a small room across the Silent Cartographer main shaft from the platform that triggers the 'Shafted' cutscene. The next day, xbill reported that he'd gotten a Warthog in there... and 3 hours later, he managed to get himself in there. These pictures and movies document the feats. (The first movie shows the warthog launch - the second shows the player launch.)

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