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Team Overkill | Who is Shooting?

On April 25, 2002, Team Overkill submitted this strange movie:
One of our team members was playing 343 Guilty Spark on Legendary when this even occurred. He had noticed it at previous times but only realized to tape it during the last occurrence. Someone is shooting a handgun, but no one can be seen. There are no marines and do the flood normally reload (it can be heard). Its not a current echo, because as you can see our player doesn't have a handgun. We have not tried to reproduce this event, so we don't know if it was just a one time glitch or what.

Glitch? Hidden placeholder? Story secret we haven't figured out yet? You be the judge...

320x220 | 3.1 mb | 44 seconds | Windows Media Player format

Click the frame above to download the movie (zipped).

Maintainer's Note, 7 May 2002: This trick was posted on April 27th, in the morning. Within 2 hours, the solution to this mystery had been sent in by at least half-a-dozen people... and mail has continued to flow in ever since. (My fault for forgetting, until now, almost 2 weeks later, to actually post it.) As everyone who wrote in correctly surmised, there was a Flood warrior in the room above, shooting down at the player. The flashes of light were visible because of the transparent floor/ceiling. This is a common occurance on this level. Please - if you figured this out on your own, congratulations... but we're not going to add your name to this page. :)

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