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DT_Spike | Blood Gulch Vehicle Collection

Digital Camera Shots from DT_Spike submitted December 12, 2001
fullshot1 fullshot2 fullshot3
wartone warttwo snipershot
firstboom secondboom  
"While playing an online CTF game with a buddy of mine, I managed to accidentaly get a Warthog onto our base with the Rocket launcher. It gave me an idea for a little project. I decided to get all the vehicles onto one base. Two Warthogs, and four Ghosts. For the Ghosts, I simply set up both Scorpions, with a Warthog in between, and jumped over them to the top. For the Warthogs, I simultaneously shot them up there with both Scorpion tanks. The tanks themselves wouldn't get up there no matter what I tried, though. I took some snapshots of it with a webcam, which are below. The first five are just shots of the same scene from different angles, while the last three show the destruction of the whole setup. Enjoy. :)"

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