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RonDay | Exploring around the Gap in the Maw

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Click the frame above to see the movie. Or, option-click (right-click on a PC) on this link to download it directly to your hard drive.

This is just a visual exploration of the light bars up and around the gap in the Maw.

Folks have explored below, getting to the bottom (See Warbow's shots for examples), but nobody's sent in pictures of the top section. There's not much up there... but it gives another view of the other side.

The picture captions give a step-by-step guide for getting up.

Movie Showing The Drop Off The Second Light Fixture Above The Maw Jump

If you're less clumsy than Louis Wu, you might even keep your footing on that light, instead of falling to your death below. (Be sure to hit your crouch button on contact, though, or the drop to the light itself will kill you.)

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