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NFL246 | Sniping and Hiding on Battle Creek

naturalbridge bothbases bluebasetop behindthewall
sideangle sideangle2 sniperbase topshot
On March 31, NFL246 wrote:
How? You go to Battle Creek and it does not matter how many players.
What you need? Materials:
Rocket Launcher Period. (actually an optional sniper rifle will help shoot guys from up there)
Where are u? on top of the buildings (they are different but they r both easy)

before we start u probably need an over shield or set the game setting as a better shield and health strength. what u do is u go to one of the buildings and pretty much rocket jump! the red side has an entrance and u blow urself up to the top of the opening. then u rocket jump up to the top, then ur there. a good view and everything! the blue side only takes just one jump (the red side has a thing u can hide behind and is higher, but the blue side as some pillars that jut up and u can rocket jump on them to snipe, so they both have their advantages).

The original 1600x1200 shots are available for anyone who needs them on the individual pages.

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