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Lennox/Warbow | Banshee Attack on Cortana

On July 23, 2002, Lennox posted this to the HBO Forum:

Near the end of AotCR find a hunter and lead him to the final ending door. Hit the switch and if the timing is right, hell chase you down the command center path and beat your ass around, its hilarious! He killed me when i did it, and then went after cortana when she popped up! he knocked her around a few times before running off the edge of the path and falling to his death!!! try it out.

The crowd was skeptical... until Warbow managed to film an instance of a Banshee in the same situation attacking Cortana. While she didn't acknowledge that she was under attack, plasma fire obviously impacted her body, and the Banshee actually lifted her up and tossed her out of the frame!

The question that's never been answered satisfactorily is... why?

Click the frame above to see the movie. Or, option-click (right-click on a PC) on this link to download it directly to your hard drive.

320x240 | 1.7 mb | 29 seconds | QuickTime 5 format

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