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Large Unit | Warthog on Halo's Lower Bridge

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In mid-February, Deimos™ put a Warthog back on the first bridge on the level Halo... but nobody (until now) has taken pictures of a warthog on the LOWER bridge. It's a silly trick, since there's nowhere to go from here... but hey, when you climb a mountain and make it to the top - where do you go from there?

Large Unit says:
It took about fifty tries, but I got the Warthog parked on the lower bridge at the beginning of Halo. If someone tries to get a movie of it, start at the higher ledge where the pod crashes and charge the bridge at full speed; at the last second, turn to the right so the warthog lands sideways on the bridge.

It's possible to line the jeep up with the bridge once you seesaw it to either side, but you have to gun it and drive dead ahead to get from one side to the other if you do it that way.

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