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Geeoff | Sidewinder Cheat

On April 2, 2002, Geeoff wrote:
I've always wanted to get through the grate in sidewinder where the invisibility and shield are in the tunnell. Its perfect for capture the flag. If you park the car just right and through a grenade on the ground and run behind the truck and duck it explosion will hopefully push you through to the other side so you can grab the flag .... and when your returning the flag run back to the grate and push "x" and you will get into the warthog on the other side where you can drive off to your base for a flag return.

This trick was originally posted to the HBO Forum on February 9, 2002, by Nemesis 007. He found, however, that it was easier to accomplish with a ghost - and submitted that version, instead. This is the first video footage of the Warthog variation.

320x240 | 1.4 mb | 0:15 | .wmv format, zipped

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