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Metafire | On Top of Halo

A series of shots showing the route to the waterfall at the beginning of Halo (in a jeep).

Posted to the HBO Forum, February 10, 2002

How to do it.

Go to the area above the cave entrance with a warthog and grenades, there's a spot on the hill that the warthog can climb, and to the left there's an area that looks flat, but in-between there's a hillside that the warthog cant climb. So have a person throw grenades at the gap to "push" your warthog up the hill to an area where it can climb.

Now that you are there, you can go anywhere on top. Here's the trick:

You will only freeze if you are in certain areas, and only when the blue beam is released (approx. every 16 seconds.)

So you have sixteen seconds to go anywhere, and make it to a "safe" zone before you are frozen by the blue beam.

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