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Metafire/DaNewb | Strange Glitch in Level Two

On May 12, 2002, DaNewb wrote on the the HBO Forum:
OK, i described this a long, long time ago but got no response, so I'm trying again. Ok, go to the area where you have to pick up marines and they are on top of a hill with snipers, it also has one of those blue beam shooters. By looking at the blue beam shooter from the top of sniper hill, move the warthog to the left a bit where there is a decent size rock. Get on top of the warthog and on top of the rock. From there, use a sniper rifle zoom x 10 and look at the blue beam shooter. When you do that, the whole lvl turns white (glitch) and snow comes down...when you zoom back out, its normal

Frogblast checked this out, and writes:

Well... I didn't quite see this. But I certainly noticed some strangeness concerning being at a very specific height in this area of Halo...
bech.jpg blech2.jpg
Where'd The Ground Go? Very Strange Indeed
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