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Metafire | Climbing to the Top of the Maw

mawtop3.jpg xmawtop.jpg xmawtop2.jpg xmawtop3.jpg
mawtop12.jpg mawtop11.jpg mawtop13.jpg xmawtop4.jpg
mawtop10.jpg mawtop9.jpg mawtop8.jpg mawtop7.jpg
mawtop6.jpg mawtop5.jpg mawtop4.jpg mawtop.jpg
xmawtop5.jpg mawtop14.jpg mawtop15.jpg xmawtop6.jpg
A walkthrough for getting above The Maw (as in, completely off the map). The first section shows how to get up there individually... the last few frames (and movie) shows how to get a Warthog up there. Originally announced on the HBO Forum on March 4, 2002.

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