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IanD/Metafire/xbill | Multiple Grenade Jumping

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On April 27, 2002, we posted the Temporary Invincibility Trick by Nemesis_007. On April 29th, IanD posted this to the HBO Forum:
Hi everyone. I was fooling around with Nemesis_007's temporary invincibility trick and found it works in single player too. You should do this with a friend in co-op. If you go to the top of the island, where the two hunters and the two over shields are. Make a pile of grenages 32 or so. Bring the jeep up and park it over the pile. One person through a plasma grenade and time it so that you get the overshields and while there powering up, get in the warthog as it explodes. The explosion should sent you into the stratoshpere, alive.

Frogblast had put together a few films to show this technique in action - he announced them on the HBO Forum in response to IanD's comments.

Soon after, xbill added his OWN movie - the twist was that it was in single player mode. You get some GORGEOUS pics that way...
352x240 | 3.5 mb | 17 seconds | QuickTime 5 format

Click the frame above to see the movie. Or, option-click (right-click on a PC) on this link to download it directly to your hard drive.

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