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Metafire | AotCR Bridge Climb in Single Player

aotclimb19.jpg aotclimb18.jpg aotclimb17.jpg aotclimb16.jpg
aotclimb11.jpg aotclimb15.jpg aotclimb14.jpg aotclimb13.jpg
aotclimb12.jpg aotclimb10.jpg aotclimb9.jpg aotclimb8.jpg
aotclimb7.jpg aotclimb6.jpg aotclimb25.jpg aotclimb3.jpg
aotclimb2.jpg aotclimb.jpg aotclimb5.jpg  
Getting to the bottom of the first bridge on AotCR... in SINGLE PLAYER.

Announced on the HBO Forum, February 19, 2002

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