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Enzyver/Scoot Hill | Banshee Tutorial

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After you go up the huge tunnel in the scorpion tank, and the covenant dropship comes down to drop off troops. There is a battlefield with a huge structure in the middle. You can either go to the left, or the right of this structure. There is covenant on both sides. Go to the left and kill as many aliens as you can. There will be a wraith tank on the ice pond, and at the far end up above the opening another covenant tank will be there. Take these out also. Also before I get ahead of myself, make sure you have the sniper rifle, and the rocket launcher as your two weapons. Back to the battlefield, as I said, go around the left side of the structure and kill as many aliens as you can. On the far left side towards the underground structure, there will be a grunt in a turret. In front of him will be two big trees, and in front of the trees, will be a slight mound or hill of snow. This is where you will want to park your scorpion. You will have to test how far forward you can get the tank without triggering a checkpoint. If you trigger the checkpoint, the banshee will take off and you won't be able to shoot it down. Anyway, get on top of the tank, you should be able to jump up on to it without a problem. Look at the where the turret with the grunt was in front of the trees, from here spin 180 degrees around, up high on the wall you will see a ledge, not a natural ledge, but a manmade ledge. It should have a flashing blue light on it. Use your sniper rifle to zoom in on the ledge. You should see the top half of the banshee sitting there. If you cant see it, you are not in exactly the right spot. If you do see it, aim the rifle just to the right of it. You will need to line up your shot with the rifle because the rocket launcher can't zoom far enough. When you zoom in far enough, and are aimed a hair to the right of the banshee, switch to the launcher without moving the controller, the rocket launcher will be aimed where the rifle was aimed. Fire a rocket and switch back to the sniper rifle to watch the rocket hit. It usually takes two rockets to knock it off the ledge. If you trigger the checkpoint, or run out of rockets you will need to restart the xbox, and try again. Make sure you save before starting the battle. E-mail me back and tell me if this helped you. Also, make sure you are on the very top of the tank gun, the highest point or you won't see it.

First posted to the HBO Forum December 31, 2001

This trick was originally conceived by op_ivy in this HBO forum post, December 11, 2001. (It took him until the 12th to actually complete the manouver.) The followup post by MSN doesn't count - Halo dev team members are automatically disqualified from Tricks entries. (Sorry, guys!)

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