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Doum and Pat | The First Assault Bridge

This movie was originally in 4 pieces, in DivX format. It has been converted to a single QuickTime movie for compatibility and convenience. Thankso Brian Towne for the hosting. (The .mov is about half the size of the four DivX pieces.)

For the record, the first we heard of anyone successfully climbing down this way was on December 31, 2001, when we received email describing the descent from Ryan Ford. (We never posted this, so Doum and Pat discovered the technique independently.)

Update:CanadianMonk3y points out a post he made on the Battleground: Halo forums back on November 23, 2001 - barely a week after the Xbox was released - describing this technique. First credit, therefore, goes to him, unless someone can document an earlier claim.

320x240 | 6.4 mb | | QuickTime 5 format

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