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Dark Helmet | On Top of Halo

Dark Helmet has been tinkering with the Halo physics system for quite some time, though he's new to this site. (Check out the Tricks section at Battleground: Halo for much more of his work.) From May 26 through July 7, 2002, he made 8 films showing different aspects of the top of the level Halo. All concern the hills above the starting lifepod (most existing tricks cover the second half of the level), and show various aspects of getting to the top and things you can do there. They're meticulous in their depiction of the steps needed to repeat them... the only downside (speaking as a primarily Mac user) is that they're mostly .wmv files. Still, they're a welcome addition to the Tricks collection here.

Getting To The Top

These two films are included for completeness; the method DH uses to get up here has been documented before, but he uses it again in later films, and he shows quite a bit of detail, for reproduction's sake. The first movie shows the climb to the top - the second has some great views of the initial area.

onhalo2.thumb.jpg wayup2.thumb.jpg
440x330 | 4.5 mb | 0:55
440x300 | 2.6 mb | 0:33
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Left Side (Waterfall)

These films document the step-by-step method of getting up to the waterfall at the beginning of the level... and show off some gorgeous scenery from the top.

onhalo2.thumb.jpg thepath2.thumb.jpg
To The Falls
The Path to the Top
440x330 | 6.1 mb | 1:13
440x330 | 5.3 mb | 2:08
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abovethefalls3.thumb.jpg nexttofalls2.thumb.jpg
Above the Falls
Next To the Falls
440x330 | 2.3 mb | 0:29
440x330 | 1.5 mb | 0:29
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Right Side

These two films show how to get to the OTHER side of the starting area. (Frogblast has since shown that from this point, you can actually drive down to the bottom of Halo - but this was not known when Dark Helmet explored.)

otherside2.thumb.jpg picnic3.thumb.jpg
To The Other Side
Picnic (just for fun)
440x330 | 5.2 mb | 2:04
440x330 | 1.2 mb | 0:15
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These tricks were first posted at Darkhelmet.org, and later mirrored at Battleground:Halo.

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