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On November 28, 2001, Joe Staten, Halo Cinematics Director, explained what happens during cutscenes, with respect to existing objects:
The gamestate right before the cutscene begins almost always remains unchanged (with respect to dead bodies, dropped weapons, decals, etc.) for the duration of the cutscene. In some instances we chose to purge scenes of "garbage" (dead bodies, et al) in order to solve performance issues, but I'd say this occurs in maybe 5% of Halo's cinematics.

The only consistent gamestate "error" during the cinemas is the fact the "Cinematic Chief" only shows up with the assault rifle rather than whatever the Player is carrying. Unfortunately, it would have taken some special code and scripting to rectify this error, and other things were more important--like making our ship date :')

People have discovered that this oversight can lead to some humorous results, if you can put the Master Chief in mortal danger just before a cutscene.

aotcrend.jpg shaftscene.jpg
Final Cutscene on AotCR 'The Shaft' Cutscene on SC
10 mb | 2:02 3.1 mb | 0:45
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Divx-encoded AVI (5 mb)

Both movies are 320x240, and the still links lead to QuickTime 5 movies. To download the movies directly to your hard drive, option-click (right-click on a PC) the text links.

The AotCR movie is courtesy of Dan Mayer, and the Shaft movie was made by Bonk (and can also be seen on his site, iBonk.com).

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