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On May 2, 2002, Geeoff submitted a movie via email that showed a pretty slick little Halo glitch - you could put a Warthog inside the Blood Gulch base, and rotate its gun so that it passed through a wall... and then you could fire that gun right through the wall, without any damage to the operator. What's more, bullets from the other side could not pass through at all. The explanation is pretty simple: you've put the gun in such a position that it cannot detect the wall boundary, and is therefore unhindered by it. Players on the OTHER SIDE of the wall, however, cannot get close enough to trigger this (it only happens because there's no way to stop the gun from rotating), so the wall boundary is solid, to them.

In a pretty amazing display of simultaneous discovery, two HBO forumgoers discovered (completely independently) two different examples of this glitch - PCDestroyer found that you could back a tank up to a base in Sidewinder, and keep up a steady hail of fire INSIDE, and Nemesis_007 found that getting out of a Ghost in tight quarters could leave you INSIDE a wall. (This last instance has a side benefit/glitch; other walls became see-through. (This doesn't happen with the first two variations of this glitch, because you remain in the vehicle, and with the third-person view.)

The end of the 'See-through walls' movie shows one of the dangers of this exploit - if you're not careful, you'll fall right through the level once you're in the wall. However, with some practice and care, someone hiding in this wall can keep track of, say, a CTF flag carrier moving through the caves.

basecover.jpg tankshot.jpg
Wartog covering Blood Gulch Base Tank covering Sidewinder Base
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inthewall.jpg throughthewalls.jpg
Using a Ghost to enter BG Walls I See You!
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The still images link to QuickTime 5 movies. To download the movies directly to your hard drive, option-click (right-click on a PC) the text links.

The Warthog movie is courtesy of Geeoff, and the Ghost movie was made by Nemesis_007.

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