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Peters/Tango6 | Hidden Room in Chiron

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On April 28, 2002, Peters posted to the HBO Forum:
Forgive me for not knowing the level name but its the one with non-stop teleporting, lots of red. There is a central part to it with four teleporters and there is a place in this that houses the overshield. Grab a rocket launcher then the instant you grab the overshield look at your feet and rocket jump. If you do this right you will be in a small room (if you can call it a room) where you are looking down on the place where you got the overshield.

He was talking about Chiron... Tango6 quickly took the above pictures, and Frogblast made a movie. (He also pointed out that the room itself is quite clear on the map of Chiron posted at Bungie.net... for those looking for it.)

360x240 | 2.0 mb | 23 seconds | QuickTime 5 format

Click the frame above to see the movie. Or, option-click (right-click on a PC) on this link to download it directly to your hard drive.

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