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Brizzle | Blood Gulch Vehicle Antics

The Original Picture

Park a ghost in the middle of a wall on one of the bases that has room on top in between the pillars to fit the tank. Make sure both tanks are in position just about directly behind the ghost, and drive one straight at it. Once it runs itself about to the lip of the top, ram the other tank into it full speed and it should fly up there. It may take a few times to accomplish this.
MVC-004X MVC-006X MVC-007X MVC-009X
New Procedure:

Take the jeep, park it against against the part of the wall in between two pillars. The jeep has to be facing outwards so it may be used as a ramp, so place the other player on your team in position so you can see where the jeep is at while you're trying to park it. Then take a tank, back up as far as you can from the jeep, and get goin full speed. Once you get to the jeep, look as far up as you can in the tank, then once the tank get a ways up the base, look all the way down and it should catch and drive onto the top. Do the same for the other tank and ghosts. Then take the rocket launcher and launch the two remaining jeeps on the base.
To get the tank inside:

Easy, just drive it in straight, turning here and there. If you fall out because it gets at an extreme angle, go back to the top of the base and close to the tank. It'll say to flip it, so try to flip it, of course it'll only budge, but their should be a little time interval where it says you can enter the tank. So hit the X button again and continue trying to get it down. It should fall nicely into place. Then the rest is easy, drive the other tank down, but if you want to be sneaky keep it lodged up. This will elude you from snipers as your body is below the top and the cannon is on top. Of course you'll still take damage from fire, but not as much.then squeeze as much as you can down there, and if you can't squeeze anymore, just drive the remaining vehicles back down and cram them through the entrances into the middle of the base. Let me tell you, this setup becomes quite impossible to move around, so a CTF game could become slightly one-sided .
P.S. The 4th pic (009x) shows a nice placement for the tank driver to be out of the line of sniper from any position.

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