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brad | Unlimited Ammo

On March 18, 2002, brad posted this on the HBO Forum (edited for clarity):

On level five you can get unlimited ammo in multiplayer. To do so, get to the under ground tunnel and to the loading point have one player reload and the other go through the loading point while the other player is reloading now the player who reloaded will have unlimited ammo for that gun but if you change guns or press the x button you will lose your unlimited ammo but you can go back and do the trick again. both players can have unlimited ammo at the same time.

It's not clear if that's the only checkpoint at which this trick works (brad thinks it is, but I'm not sure) - but this much is definite: If player 2 reloads his weapon as player 1 crosses the checkpoint, the weapon being reloaded will never run out of ammunition. (You'll still need to reload it as usual... but the clip value will not decrease.) This state will continue until you change weapons, or die. The movie shows this effect with a rocket launcher.

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