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Been Mawed | All over the top of Blood Gulch

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Dolbex writes:
How to do it. Park the tank parallel to the wall in front of the cave with the boulder. Have two people throw plasma grenades on the rear of the ghost while it is sitting at a dead stop. As soon as the grenades are pasted to your rear take off twords the tank. The grenades should ignite right as you lift off the tank. The rest is luck and persistence, but it only takes us about 10 or 11 times now that we've got it down. You are fairly high... higher than the original tower but you can hike to the tower to your right (looking out to the field) by walking on the non-textured area around to it.

This is the work of bBow and Dolbex, of the Seventh Column Chapter 'Been Mawed'.Submitted via email, April 26-30, 2002.

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