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Åstro | Wraith Flipping

Åstro says:
I made a little video that displays just how strong the Master Chief really is. It's a video of me using a banshee to knock a live Wraith onto its back, and then flipping it repeatedly, doing a full flip in the air, 7 times. And remember that a Wraith is twice the weight of a Scorpion, which is over 20 times the weight of a Warthog. In other words... If the MC can do this to a wraith, then he really isn't trying at all when he flips a Warthog, or when he melee attacks someone. What a slacker! :)

Movie Showing the 'Press X to Flip Wraith'

Sometimes, you just can't catch a break. You try and flip the puppy so you can use it again... and you just throw it a little too hard. Notice that it gets flipped 7 successfully before it lands on the player...

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