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99octane | Flying Sarge

On June 23, 2002, 99octane wrote via email:

When a player encounters (creates ) the "Frozen Marines" on AotCR, go get a fully loaded Needler and a Rocket Launcher AND a full compliment of grenades. I did this all in single player, "normal" mode. Unload EVERYTHING at one Marine, preferable one nearest to the entrance of the BIG underground chasm room. Then move away slowly with Sniper rifle in hand. You'll need it to see how high he gets!! These suckers go FLYING. When you're just far enough away, that triggers the animation and the poor fool's death actually happens. But not before his body is LAUNCHED hundreds of feet into the air, often coming near the UPPER ROOF of the chasm and his body lands either all the way down the shaft or on the other side!!!!!!

Yes, it's true that we have an entire trick (from various submitters) devoted to Frozen Stuff. No, this isn't new... but it's one of the best-filmed launches I've seen, and I felt it deserved a home. (Please don't send in hundreds of these now; it's done.)

That's gotta hurt.

Kinda like skipping stones... but not really.

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