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August 2023 Archived News

News August 30 2023


Husky Raid rides again with more maps (and map puns)
The linear CTF mode Husky Raid gets 8 new maps in Halo Infinite, and 343 put out a promo video yesterday showing them off (Smallhala is an A+ map naming joke.) I continue to be impressed by the quality of Forged maps these days. (fuchsdh 18:03:11 UTC) (permalink)


News August 12 2023


The case of the missing furniture
Halo modders keep finding new or interesting stuff cut from the games, and that includes... lost cafeterias? Thanks, SNIPE 316. (fuchsdh 23:42:00 UTC) (permalink)


Rockslider continues his explorations with megabattles and more
It's been a while, but Rockslider has returned with a bunch of new videos showing off some fun stuff you can do in Combat Evolved, with a AOTCR megabattle in several variations. Go watch! (fuchsdh 23:39:38 UTC) (permalink)

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