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April 2023 Archived News

News April 24 2023


Believe, again with a new angle on some old Halo 3 footage
This is a fun time capsule. When the Halo 3 announcement trailer dropped way back in 2006, there was some additional footage given out to select press outlets that's now been upscaled and uploaded. Thanks for the heads up, SNIPE 316.
(fuchsdh 12:24:22 UTC) (permalink)


News April 19 2023


Halo gets more cursed
A few years back, we highlighted InfernoPlus' "Cursed Halo" mod, which adds nonsense like D20 grenades and extra-long Warthogs to Halo CE. Now, there's a new version of the mod, which... must be watched to be believed. (fuchsdh 11:30:01 UTC) (permalink)

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