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This is a legacy section.

The information included on these pages has not been updated since Halo 2 came out in 2004. It is here because it's an easy way to find movies from the early days of Halo moviemaking - but it's no longer updated. The movies approved by our Movie Peer-Reviewed Rating System can be found in our Miscellaneous section: 2005 vids are on this page, and 2006 vids are on this page. All movie-related newsposts can be found in our news database with this link.

Here you'll find all the Halo video footage released since Halo was announced, with the exception of the footage created to illustrate a gameplay trick. (For that, head over to the Gameplay Tricks section.) We've endeavored to ensure that film links are up-to-date, but we may have missed some bad links, or neglected a movie (or a movie mirror) - feel free to let us know if you find errors. More advanced sorting features will come, in time - but we decided you'd probably be okay with the default stuff for the time being, rather than having NO list at all...

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permalink Halo 2 Announcement Trailer 4-Sep-02 6.7 - 52.1 mb qtwmpmpg
A 2:37 extravaganza - a showcase for the media abilities of Windows Media Player 9, but also (and more importantly) a showcase for what can be wrung out of the Xbox hardware. Bungie has created this astounding teaser to build hype, demonstrate the new engine abilities, and show off the redesigned Master Chief. Bingo. (Unmentioned there is the new music... but turn off the volume on your computer when watching this, and you'll see just how powerful this aspect really is - because the trailer isn't the same without it.) Quickly converted into many different formats, so those with computers that can't run WMP9 are not left out in the cold.
screensize: 320x192/320x240/480x288/600x360/640x384

Source: Bungie Studios   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink Haloplayers -Xbox Session 3-Sep-02 9.2 mb wmp
1:58 worth of 2-player gameplay on Blood Gulch.
screensize: 320x240

Source: HaloPlayers.de
permalink Seven 31-Aug-02 17.5 - 46.5 mb qtwmp
Three and a half minutes of Blood Gulch (mostly) footage, mixed and edited to within an inch of its life. Captures the total frenzy of LAN play fantastically. Great soundtrack.
screensize: 640x480/320x240

Source: Dan Chosich Main link is WMP9 format (37.9 mb, 640x480) - QuickTime (46.5 mb, 640x480) and small WMP9 (17.5 mb, 320x240) also available.
permalink Halo: Reloaded 29-Aug-02 7.1 mb qt
1:21, a look at Halo through Matrix eyes. Some minor audio glitches.
screensize: 360x240

Source: Black_Jackal.
permalink Payback 25-Aug-02 7.4 mb qt
A 1:17 long trailer for the movie Payback. Well, sort of. Helps a lot if you've seen the REAL Payback (with Mel Gibson). Quite funny.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Warbow Home Video
permalink Halo/Xbox Live Ad 19-Aug-02 10 mb qt
1 minute long, an 'ad' for Xbox Live (and Halo), starring Stephen Hawking. Very funny, as long as you're not offended by the use of Stephen Hawking.
screensize: 480x360

Source: Blackstar Productions
permalink Causin' A Ruckus 17-Aug-02 4.3 - 43.6 mb qtwmpmpg
2:40 worth of tricks and funny scenes - the gameplay music video genre is not dead.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Team Overkill   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink Fonkee French Touche 16-Aug-02 4.5 mb real
2:50 of Warthog jumping and some pretty funny MC dancing. Narration is in French.
screensize: 350x150

Source: www.kungfou.com.
permalink HALO Genesisī1 14-Aug-02 17.9 mb qt
1:41 long, completely computer-generated, a fan's vision of how the Halo might have been generated. Gorgeous.
screensize: 320x180

Source: oldmano'theC. Hosted at files.bungie.org, mirrored at Halo Orbit.
permalink The Drunk Master Chief 13-Aug-02 14.2 mb wmp
8:58 of bad driving (parts are quite funny). Music definitely earns an advisory rating.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Kevin Chambers. Mirrored on the Psyjnir.com hotline server.
permalink Pyramid of Destruction 10-Aug-02 3.5 mb qt
A one-minute-long clip from the August 2002 cover DVD of the Official Xbox Magazine. Contains some interesting Halo stuntage.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Official Xbox Magazine, converted by Team Overkill.
permalink Chaos on the Ring II 8-Aug-02 20.1 - 43.2 mb qt
Originally 6:50 in length, but a shortened version (5:09, missing the beginning and the end) was put up after some people complained about the content. Gameplay and tricks, some never seen before - very well put-together. (Includes footage of a game of Halo played on the side of a building, at some enormous size.) In a variety of sizes and qualities, all listed on the Mirror page.
screensize: 720x480/360x240

Source: ZiDigi Online   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink Halo-Pay Back 6-Aug-02 5.1 mb wmp
3:10 long, you can watch campaign footage set to P.O.D.'s 'Boom'. Nice timing.
screensize: 320x240

Source: HNN Productions
permalink Crocodile Bungie 4-Aug-02 7.7 - 17.7 mb qt
2:29 long, this movie showcases the skills of the Crocodile Bungie Seventh Column chapter. Also available in a smaller (240x180, 7.7 mb) version.
screensize: 300x240

Source: Crocodile Bungie
permalink Reminisance 31-Jul-02 86.2 mb wmp
8:02 long, this movie sort of tells a story... but mostly it shows some cool gameplay, lots and lots of video effects, and a great soundtrack. Huge.
screensize: 640x480

Source: Dan Chosich.
permalink The Matrix (Halo Remix) 31-Jul-02 20.3 mb mpg
5:46 long, this movie shows what you can do with enough patience. The entire first scene of the movie 'The Matrix' has been recreated in the Halo engine. And without a dev kit! If you have the bandwidth, grab the large version... but most people will probably need to settle for the smaller one.
screensize: 720x480/360x240

Source: Bill Paetzke.   LINK IS A MIRROR LIST
permalink Ralph and Sam 25-Jul-02 1.6 mb qt
0:27 long, this is just a cute little take on an upcoming Trick. The MC should have stayed in bed...
screensize: 320x240

Source: Warbow. Mirrored at That Weasel Television.
permalink Warthog TV Ad 1 23-Jul-02 6.8 mb qt
36 seconds long, this is Blackstar's vision of what Chevy might do if they were selling Warthogs. One of two variants.
screensize: 480x238

Source: Blackstar Productions. Mirrored at That Weasel Television.
permalink Warthog TV Ad 2 23-Jul-02 7.4 mb qt
39 seconds long, this is Blackstar's vision of what Chevy might do if they were selling Warthogs. One of two variants.
screensize: 480x238

Source: Blackstar Productions. Mirrored at That Weasel Television.
permalink Halo-Trigger Happy 20-Jul-02 6.9 mb wmp
4:15 long, this shows mostly solo gameplay. Music is 'Click Click Boom', by Saliva.
screensize: 320x240

Source: Hnn Productions. Mirrored at That Weasel Television.
permalink BryceHalo 14-Jul-02 13.0 mb qt
3:02 long, completely rendered in Bryce. An abstract piece...
screensize: 450x338

permalink HaloCable 14-Jul-02 10.3 mb wmp
5:40, a combination of Ian Haddock's Rocket Dance and original footage (primarily warthog jumping, but other stuff, too). The Oompa Loompa stuff is pretty funny...
screensize: 320x240

Source: XERO Productions. Mirrored at L'atelier Studio.
permalink Freedom To Kill 2002 13-Jul-02 29.1 mb qt
7:34 worth of lanfest footage recorded right here at HBO HQ on Bungie Day Weekend, 2002. Nice music choices.
screensize: 480x237

Source: Blackstar Productions.
permalink OXM July Top 10 Plays 11-Jul-02 2.1 mb qt
32 seconds long, This clip shows the top three submitted Xbox stunts received by the Official Xbox Magazine in their July 2002 issue. (The other 7 stunts weren't Halo.)
screensize: 320x240

Source: Official Xbox Magazine - recorded from the cover DVD by Team Overkill.
permalink Dreams of Master Chief 11-Jul-02 21.3 mb qt
5:50 long, a spoof of all the Warthog Jump videos. (Jump footage actually done by Randy Glass.)
screensize: 320x240

Source: Official Xbox Magazine - recorded from the cover DVD by Team Overkill. Mirrored at xbox4uweb and That Weasel Television.

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