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Fan Music

The Halo score is impressive enough that it's begun to inspire tributes all by itself. Here you can find music based to some degree on themes found within Halo.
19 Results Found.
Resource Date Description
Griffon's E3 Remix 24 Nov 00 Absolutely the earliest fan-created musical creation we've seen. 3.3 mb, 3:32 long, created by Griffon, of HCC.
Costly Exfiltration (Sam Says Goodbye) 4 Aug 02 A beautiful piece of music from dogsounds, created as a tribute to Halo. Read the author's comments here.
Mahdrigalo 11 Aug 02 SilverBrin's first offering to the Fan Music scene, a reworking of Marty O'Donnell's 'Siege of Madrigal'. Read the author's comments here.
Edgen's Version of Halo's Main Theme 28 Sep 02 A fantastic piece of fan-created music (inspired by Marty O'Donnell's Halo theme). Read the author's thoughts here. Also available on Edgen's server.
Halo Electronica 28 Oct 02 Another SilverBrin offering, this time with both Halo and Oni influences. Read the author's comments here.
Edgen HALO 2 Theme 11 Nov 02 Another great piece of fan-created music (inspired by Marty O'Donnell's Halo 2 theme). Read the author's thoughts here.
Mahdrigalo 2 19 Nov 02 Another piece from Silverbrin. Started out as a reworking of his original 'Mahdrigalo', turned into something more. Read the author's thoughts here.
Atom's Halo Tribute 25 Dec 02 An audio tribute to Halo. The influence is subtle...
Belly of the Beast (Remix) 31 Dec 02 A powerful piece of Halo fan music, originally posted at Xboxworld.nl. The author was kind enough to write up some comments.
Get Up (Halo Mix) 22 Jan 03 An electronica Halo-sample song created by D.J. Cliché; 5.6 mb.
Ruined Desert 26 May 03 A haunting piece of fan-created music (inspired by Marty O'Donnell's Halo theme). Read the author's thoughts here.
Mombasa 17 Sep 03 Another Silverbrin piece - read the author's comments here.
Halo 2 Hip Hop 18 Nov 03 chaostheory has mixed a bit of music from the Halo 2 trailer with some other samples for a new Hip Hop sound (2:13 long, just under 2 mb).
Halo Master and Chief 15 Dec 03 The sweet radar of the familar opening choral chant to HALO sparked Justin Durban's inspiration to do this track. Read the author's comments here.
Hail to 117 5 Feb 04 A musical creation by Mothergoat (2 minutes, 1.8mb).
Hail to 117 Anthem 9 Feb 04 Mothergoat's full version of Hail to 117 (just over 5 minutes long, 4.7 mb).
Repeater 23 Feb 04 Mothergoat has written another Halo inspired song. This one is intended for background music in Fan Videos (3:20 long, 3 mb mp3).
Programmed For War 3 Apr 04 Created by Rayagon, he considers it a work-in-progress, but he's not sure he'll ever get around to another edit, in his words, "I was just feeling like channelling the Master Chief badassedness into some music one day, and the mix came out."
The Best of Halo 4 Apr 04 It's bits of dialogue, set to a Halo soundtrack, comprising what the author, Rob (Hippo) Palardy, considers "some of the finer parts of Halo, both gameplay and story."