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Item # 1298463710
Consumer Electronics:Video Games:Microsoft Xbox:Systems
Bidding is closed for this item.

donutlady30 (3) is the winner and may

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Item price $320.00
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Currently $320.00 First bid $50.00
Quantity 1 # of bids 14   bid history
Time left Auction has ended.
Location Columbus, OH
Country/Region USA/Columbus
Started Nov-16-01 11:31:41 PST
Ends Nov-19-01 11:31:41 PST [Gift Alert]request a gift alert
Seller (Rating) rmccorma (2)
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High bid donutlady30 (3)
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You are bidding on the picture of the BRAND NEW XBOX. The XBOX is the BRAND NEW video game system by MICROSOFT. You do not get the actual system, just a picture of the BRAND NEW XBOX. The picture is printed on computer paper and SHIPPING IS FREE. Again, this is not an auction for the XBOX, but for a picture of the BRAND NEW XBOX! PAYPAL AND MONEY ORDER ACCEPTED!!

Item # 1298463710

U.S. Shipping and Handling-
Shipping Insurance per item
Sales Tax -

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