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Stephen Loftus - Halo Signs

In March 2011, Stephen Loftus decided to initiate a collection of Halo signs, as high-quality downloadable versions. Click on the images below for full-size previews, and download links.

4122-UNSC-FUD-logo1 4123-UNSC-H4-Cryo-logo1 4124-UNSC-H4-Danger-logo1 4124-UNSC-Mammoth-logo1
4125-UNSC-Army-logo1 4126-UNSC-BlueTeam-logo1 4127-UNSC-Navy-logo1 4128-UNSC-Osiris-logo1
4129-UNSC-PowerCore-logo1 4130-UNSC-Section3-logo1 4131-UNSC-H5-Armory1 4132-UNSC-H5-Garage1
4133-UNSC-H5-HomeBase1 4134-UNSC-H5-Scorpion1 4135-UNSC-OperateVehicles1 4136-UNSC-SpartanLaserLabel1


Halo ©Bungie Studios and Microsoft.

All images contained herein are © Stephen Loftus and may NOT be used on any other site or for any other purpose without the consent of the artist. They are used here with permission.