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That Pesky Second Cov Rifle

For a long time, folks thought there was only one Covenant rifle. Then, in March 2000, we put up our Weapons Rundown, and we made a case for a second one. We were quickly corrected when we said it had never been seen in a movie... but it wasn't until January 2, 2001, that anyone challenged our claim that we'd never seen it firing. Cheers to Scott Back (aka Khaine) for noticing that a screen first seen in a Gamestar preview way back in May 2000 is actually using the second rifle, not the first!

This image was released in October 1999. The full shot shows a large explosion which many concluded (we think incorrectly) came from this gun - we believe it's an explosion in the background of the image.

This is the second time we see it. The inset is the gun, pulled off the background of the jeep. The barrel looks significantly longer, but that could just be an artifact of the angle. The top guard is also folded down in this image.

This is a cropped version of a screenshot put up by Gamestar, as part of their E3 writeup. It was posted on May 13, 2000... and nobody (that we knew of) noticed it wasn't the same old 'fuel rod gun' being fired... until Khaine pointed it out to us.