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Aesthetic Artist Interviews

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Team Pepto is a group of screenshot photographers who delve into the minds of many screenshot artists, gathering tips on their many strategies and habits along the way. Team Pepto, originally started for fun by COL0NEL SANDERS and Dusty Boy T as a clan, has been turned into the epicenter; the man behind the wheel of the 'Aesthetic Artist Spotlight' by none other than jdars1804. Every week, jdars and his team of elitist photographers explore the tactics and strategies of that particular weekly Aesthetic Artist, asking questions that concern their main 'profession' of screenshot taking (with a specific theme for each photographer), as well as delving a bit into their personal life. Their techniques and reasons for why they do what they do have been hidden since the beginning of Halo 3... we're here to blow the lid off and expose their tricks of the trade to the Halo community.

Starting on April 22, 2009, a new series will be set forth, along with the initial interview-only exposition of the Aesthetic Artist Interviews. Every week, that concurrent week's AAI will have two of their most prestigious screenshots featured in Bungie's personal gallery, which features some of the finest screenshots, gametypes, maps, and videos. If you would like to check out this week's AAI Favorites, click here and view the first two screenshots in the gallery.