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Nomi's Spartans

Nomi's Paper Spartans

Nomi was asked for a tutorial on making these - you'll find it below, along with a stencil you can use to create your own paper spartans.

By request I've made a stencil for do-it-yourself paper spartans. You'll need yellow and black construction paper by default, and then whatever custom armor color you'd like. If you're going to make a flag (no stencil included, just wing it) you'll need your own emblem colors, too. A mechanical pencil, GOOD SCISSORS, and a glue stick/other adhesive are also necessary.

My basic strategy for reproducing them off of the stencil is pretty simple. Take a mechanical pencil with no lead exposed, it will become your best tool. Place the stencil on top of the construction paper (color depends on the piece you're using) and simply trace it with the unleaded pencil tip. It will create a light impression on the construction paper which you can cut out and have no marks afterwards. Start with the body base and then do each small piece after.

The yellow mask piece is made oversized so that you have excess for the top visor to be glued onto. Line it up as you like. The black boots should be done last, since they will go on top of several other armor pieces. You can use a picture of my completed ones for reference if needed.

As a tip, you can outline the armor pieces in pencil or black pen to give them a definite outline. Same goes for the lines on the helmet and visor pieces.I made two of these guys using this method and they came out pretty darn nice, so you shouldn't have any problems.

As a final tip, more is better. Cut your pieces with extra length where you see overlap (on a finished one, see pictures). You can always trim away any extra, and it's a lot less stressful than having to do a piece over again.
Spartan Stencil

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