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Nomi's Spartans

Nomi's Paper Spartans

Nomi sez:

These guys were the result of a sketch a classmate of mine so 'lovingly' scribbled atop my chemistry notes in the middle of a study session. During finals week I decided that I wanted to make a Christmas card for Tarny for hosting the LAN in October. While trying to study for chemistry I was struck with the urge to turn the sketch Jacob did into a card. I modified it to be more accurate (he really doesn't play Halo and has no armor concept :P).

Armed with a 200-pack of construction paper and a gluestick, this madness began. After making an initial green chief as a test (total time about 2.5 hours, I butchered it), this turned into 'Oh I'll make one for Deadly Bunny for driving me' and 'hell, everyone at the LAN can get one as a Christmas card' and finally 'I'll make them for most of my Live friends'. I don't want to think about how many hours I spent on these during finals week when I should have been studying, but here they are.

They're all about 6 inches or so tall, but they're not duplicates. I etched outlines onto the construction paper with an unleaded mechanical pencil to make an impression on the paper, but didn't trace any source so they're all slightly different. Out of sheer laziness, they became smaller as time went on. Alexion has the largest, I believe, and I made little construction paper Christmas trees inside the flag-cards.

The first set was mailed out in December, and I continued the project after getting back from winter break (now armed with a more accurate and lethal X-acto knife). I don't have pictures of every single one I made, unfortunately, and my laptop camera sort of sucks. After making somewhere over 25 of them I have temporarily called it quits, the final one (for now) being a jumbo-sized 11-inch chief in my own color scheme. Thanks for the sketch Jacob, and I hope everyone likes their little chiefs.


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