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Pelican Flash Game
(Fan Creations)
06/15/03 An astoundingly addictive Flash game where you attempt to fly the Pelican through caves of increasing complexity. 5 levels (with the fifth being nearly impossible). For a very short time, there was a high-score list online for this - but the server couldn't keep up with the thousands of people playing and submitting scores, and we pulled the list. The game's still up, though.
Paper Model of Master Chief
03/21/03 A paper model to build and place on your desk. (Originally on the site playmore.com, now local because it's vanished from there.)
Owner's manual for Halo
(Fan Creations)
03/13/03 Roger Wilco modifies the Owner's manual for a paintgun to fit everyones favorite ringworld.
OSX Halo Icons
03/02/02 An assortment of Mac OSX-ready icon images, made up of various graphics from the Halo universe. Created by Malagigi. You can preview them here, as well.
One One Se7en
(HBO Prime)
04/29/03 Stuntmutt created a long-running Halo comic series that is drawn in MS Paint. Very funny.
Old HBO Halo Weapons Page
04/08/00 Outdated HBO Weapons informational page. Features images and descriptions of the weapons once included in the early PC/Mac Halo builds.
Old Halo Marine Icon
05/05/01 A charming little .gif image for use as a system icon, in the shape of the head of the old Halo marine. Downloadable as a miniscule Mac folder. Created by arcarsenal.
Official Bungie Halo Flyer (E3)
05/21/00 A high-resolution scan of the Bungie's official Halo flyer from E3 2000.
Now For Something Completely Different Flash Movie
(Fan Creations)
06/19/02 A fan-made movie, done entirely in Flash in a comical fashion. A small nod to Monty Python. Created by PanZer.
Multiplayer Maps... with vehicles.
(Fan Creations)
08/12/03 Nick did some hacking to put vehicles into all multiplayer maps. Useless... but fun.
Multiplayer Color Image
06/22/03 High resolution TIFF file with all 18 multiplayer colors, 689K.
Movie Cynics Database
(HBO Prime)
12/22/05 A database created when our own Miguel Chavez wanted to know how bad the plot of a Halo movie could get. It exists so that people can catalogue what they consider to be the worst cliche'd offenses that COULD be perpetrated by whoever ends up making a Halo movie - in the hopes that having these written down will actually keep someone from using them.
Morphing Master Chiefs
(Fan Creations)
08/12/02 A pair of animations - Halo 1 MCs morphing into Halo 2 MCs. Locally available in .mov format, links include remote .mpg versions as well.
(Fan Music)
09/17/03 Another Silverbrin piece - read the author's comments here.
Model of the Keyes Loop
(Fan Creations)
07/15/02 NthDegree256 created a small divX-encoded .avi (also available in .mov format) showing what the Keyes Loop, a spectacular military manouver described in 'The Fall of Reach' might have looked like.
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