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Halo 2 Trailer Transcript
(Transcripts and Translations)
09/04/02 Full transcript of the Halo 2 trailer, compiled from forum posts and input from Bungie employees.
Halo 2 Pre-Release Playable Game On Ebay
05/31/04 A Halo 2 Pre-Release Playable Game Ebay auction (an obvious fake). Only one working link, the bids page (so you can see the insanity).
Halo 2 Photo Story slides
01/10/03 In early January, 2003, Microsoft released a WMP9-only slideshow. Thanks to some kind readers, we can present to you the individual slides, for all those people without access to a WMP9 player.
Halo 2 Multiplayer Mockup
(Fan Creations)
09/08/02 Tweaked by Warbow, for some reason never added to the Miscellaneous Art section.
Halo 2 Map Idea
(Fan Creations)
12/03/02 An interesting level design proposal for a Halo 2 multiplayer map, by Covenant. Well thought out, and the thread has some more ideas.
Halo 2 LE Press Release
05/11/04 Here's the Limited Edition Halo 2 press release sent to websites just before E3 2004.
Halo 2 Hip Hop
(Fan Music)
11/18/03 chaostheory has mixed a bit of music from the Halo 2 trailer with some other samples for a new Hip Hop sound (2:13 long, just under 2 mb).
Halo 2 Cover Art contest
(Fan Creations)
01/09/03 c0ld vengeance challenged our forum to create box art for Halo 2. 8 months later, we're still receiving entries.
Halo 2 Bumpmapping by BOLL
(Fan Creations)
09/15/02 A small Flash animation showing the effects of bumpmapping using some scans from the September 2002 issue of Edge magazine.
Halo "Volcano" Comparison
11/11/99 Small page debunking visually the speculation that a particular early Halo screenshot showed a volcano erupting on the Halo.
Hail to 117 Anthem
(Fan Music)
02/09/04 Mothergoat's full version of Hail to 117 (just over 5 minutes long, 4.7 mb).
Hail to 117
(Fan Music)
02/05/04 A musical creation by Mothergoat (2 minutes, 1.8mb).
Gun Models by Ian McConville
04/13/00 Ian McConville (artist of the online comic Mac Hall) took the time here to speculate on the appearance of several of Halo's guns, by modeling them in 3d. A nice gallery of the work.
Guitar Tab of the Opening Halo Theme
(Fan Creations)
03/16/04 A guitar tab of the Opening theme of Halo, created by XvShadow.
Grunty Thirst
(Fan Creations)
06/03/03 BOLL's Halo-inspired creation for a school animation project. 2 mb, QuickTime format
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