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Limited-Edition E3 Master Chief figures
05/29/03 Photos by Warbow of the mini-Master Chief action figure distributed to Fanfest-goers at the E3 2003 Fanfest. Very cool little guy...
Longest for Counter-Strike
(Fan Creations)
01/05/04 Dylan Velasquez created a Counter-Strike version of Longest.
Loony Sarge
12/08/02 An interesting little clip, described by gd in this forum post, recorded for this post. Update, August 2003: This clip is now available both from our Dialogue Databank and Bungie's Dialogue Archive - both are better quality than this original. However, this was still the first we'd heard.
M60 .wav Recording
10/22/01 A small high-quality .wav file of an M60 firing, gleaned from Microsoft's Halo Windows Theme.
Mac Halo 1.03 Patch Press Release
01/19/04 The Press release for the patch of iHalo, making it compatible with our WinPC brethren.
Mac Halo 1.05 Patch Press Release
05/19/04 The iHalo press release for the patch that fixes a number of issues.
Mac Halo Gold Press Release
12/07/03 The press release from MacSoft about Mac Halo going gold
Mac Halo Ships
12/11/03 The press release from MacSoft about Mac Halo shipping.
Madda Cheeb: Golfer
(Fan Creations)
03/22/04 Benny, from Xbox Ottawa (part of the team behind the FTC videos) has submitted a new Flash game - Madda Cheeb: Golfer.
(Fan Music)
08/11/02 SilverBrin's first offering to the Fan Music scene, a reworking of Marty O'Donnell's 'Siege of Madrigal'. Read the author's comments here.
Mahdrigalo 2
(Fan Music)
11/19/02 Another piece from Silverbrin. Started out as a reworking of his original 'Mahdrigalo', turned into something more. Read the author's thoughts here.
Map of E32K3 Halo Demo
(Fan Creations)
06/17/03 Gholsbane created a map of the level shown in the E3 2003 Halo 2 demo movie. 102K. Described in this forum thread.
Mapping Halo
(Fan Creations)
07/28/03 BOLL used some custom software and a lot of time to recreate the map tiles Bungie used to texture the Halo. Absolutely worth a look.
Marathon Logo in Halo Insignia
07/21/99 The first demonstration of the logo of Marathon embedded in the Halo logo.
(Fan Creations)
08/13/02 A cool 1 mb Flash 'music video', done by Vinny Mac.
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