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HALOrama - Panoramic views of Halo

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On April 20, 2003, BOLL posted an interesting picture showing a panoramic view of the level Halo. Over the next several days, he added more and more pictures, and included a small description of how the pictures were created:

I convinced my cousin to do this proggy for me that takes a vertical pixelrow from each frame in an AVIfile and puts them after eachother. *My idea* It's a little buggy now so I have to rename the resulting bmp to raw and import it in paintshoppro with some odd settings, and then mirror it.

The procedure is very easy anyway. I stand somewhere and just rotate real slow :) And captures that of course. Then just use the file in the custom program and adjust some brightness and contrast and maybe crop the start and end, tadaa!
This is how it's done

Below you'll find all the images submitted to date, using this procedure, broken down by map. As BOLL creates more, we'll add them here. The full-sized versions are 1600x240 pixels; click on any of the thumbs below and the original will open in a new window.

You are welcome to use these images in Flash creations, videos, webpages, whatever. BOLL would love to see the final products! (Email him.)

The Pillar of Autumn

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The Truth and Reconciliation

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The Silent Cartographer

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Assault on the Control Room

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