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Halo 3 Dialogue Snippets

Halo had over 5000 dialogue snippets in it, Halo 2 had 15,000... Halo 3 has over 35,000. That doesn't stop dedicated fans from attempting to catalogue them all. Beginning on November 7, 2007 (heh - 11/7, get it?), we posted the first snippets from Captain Spark and Hellhawk, collected with as little background noise as possible. As in the first and second games, we will accept submissions from anyone, with the same proviso we used for the Halo Dialogue Databank. And, as before, if someone submits a better version of an existing clip, we'll substitute it for the one we have - but the original submitter will retain credit. (This hasn't been a problem in the past - here's hoping it's not one in the future, either.) Subsections will be added as needed. Please mail submissions to halotalk@bungie.org, or upload them to hbouploads.bungie.org (but be sure to send us a note if you do, so we can find it).

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Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
A staring contest? I never lose. mp3 343gs 71K 9/16/09 Captain Spark
Are you looking at my ass? mp3 343gs 49K 9/16/09 Captain Spark
Bullets do not grow on perennial woody plants. mp3 343gs 68K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Can I help you, Reclaimer? mp3 343gs 36K 9/16/09 Captain Spark
Direct your fire elsewhere! mp3 343gs 34K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Do you mind? mp3 343gs 46K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Do you think bullets grow on trees? mp3 343gs 35K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
I am not the enemy, Reclaimer. mp3 343gs 64K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
I don't blink. mp3 343gs 33K 9/16/09 Captain Spark
I'm quite impervious. mp3 343gs 51K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
I've got you in my crosshairs. mp3 343gs 43K 9/16/09 Captain Spark
Is my hat on crooked? mp3 343gs 41K 9/16/09 Captain Spark
Is there some problem, Reclaimer? mp3 343gs 50K 9/16/09 Captain Spark
Is there something in my eye? mp3 343gs 50K 9/16/09 Captain Spark
May I be of some assistance to you? mp3 343gs 52K 9/16/09 Captain Spark
May I be of some assistance? mp3 343gs 50K 9/16/09 Captain Spark
Must you, really? mp3 343gs 19K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
My ideas never stop coming. mp3 343gs 45K 9/16/09 Captain Spark
MY shields don't deplete. mp3 343gs 67K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Oddly enough, it sounds as if I have a tongue. mp3 343gs 57K 9/16/09 Captain Spark
Oh! You're a klutz. mp3 343gs 57K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Oh, I see - you're a moron! mp3 343gs 64K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Oh, I see... you're clumsy. mp3 343gs 70K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Please - do try to be more careful. mp3 343gs 37K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Please, desist. mp3 343gs 43K 2/15/08 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Be careful! mp3 arbiter 14K 11/28/07 937
Do you require aid? mp3 arbiter 17K 11/28/07 937
I am ready to fight. mp3 arbiter 18K 11/28/07 937
I'm prepared for war. mp3 arbiter 32K 9/9/08 Captain Spark
Save your anger for our true foes! mp3 arbiter 39K 11/28/07 937
Unworthy of my blades. mp3 arbiter 23K 11/28/07 937
What do you mean? mp3 arbiter 14K 11/28/07 937
What is it you want? mp3 arbiter 16K 11/28/07 937
Yes, what is it? mp3 arbiter 11K 11/28/07 937
Yes? mp3 arbiter 10K 11/28/07 937
You dare challenge me? mp3 arbiter 23K 11/28/07 937
You should not try my patience. mp3 arbiter 37K 11/28/07 937


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
A gift, for you! mp3 brutes 26K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Advance! A sniper - find cover! mp3 brutes 37K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
After it! It cannot escape! mp3 brutes 32K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Ahhh - it's a good day! mp3 brutes 30K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Away! mp3 brutes 30K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Bastard! mp3 brutes 19K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Change your panties and flush it out! mp3 brutes 46K 12/12/07 Captain Spark
Come and fight me! mp3 brutes 34K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Cover me! you're covered! mp3 brutes 29K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Cowardly traitor! mp3 brutes 26K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Damn you, you bastard! mp3 brutes 39K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Demon - your life is forfeit. mp3 brutes 35K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Die, traitor! mp3 brutes 18K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Don't break ranks, pack brothers! mp3 brutes 32K 12/12/07 Captain Spark
Everyone - grenades! mp3 brutes 38K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Found him! mp3 brutes 15K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
He may be nearby - stay alert! mp3 brutes 39K 12/12/07 Captain Spark
He was my lover! mp3 brutes 28K 12/12/07 Captain Spark
Here it is! mp3 brutes 13K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
I am wounded - I bleed! mp3 brutes 31K 12/12/07 Captain Spark
I had him - he's in cover. mp3 brutes 32K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
I hate you! mp3 brutes 23K 11/28/07 937
I have found my dinner! mp3 brutes 34K 12/12/07 Captain Spark
I smelled it out! mp3 brutes 37K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
I would drink your blood! mp3 brutes 34K 12/12/07 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
I'm losing it! I just wanna be home! mp3 civilians 66K 8/20/09 Captain Spark
I'm scared - and there's nothing I can do to help! mp3 civilians 54K 8/20/09 Captain Spark
We still have geothermal power to some of these facilities. mp3 civilians 67K 8/20/09 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
A fearsome weapon! mp3 elites 28K 10/2/08 Captain Spark
A fine battle, don't you think? mp3 elites 43K 11/28/07 937
Aahh huh? mp3 elites 17K 11/28/07 937
Advance! mp3 elites 22K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Aha! I destroyed that one! mp3 elites 37K 11/28/07 937
Aieee! mp3 elites 17K 11/28/07 937
Aiiee! mp3 elites 13K 11/28/07 937
Another day, another victory! mp3 elites 38K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Are they done? mp3 elites 15K 11/28/07 937
Are you blind? mp3 elites 37K 11/28/07 937
Are you ill? mp3 elites 27K 11/28/07 937
Can I assist you with something? mp3 elites 23K 11/28/07 937
Can you not see? mp3 elites 31K 11/28/07 937
Come on... really! mp3 elites 27K 11/28/07 937
Did you think to best an elite? mp3 elites 29K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Didn't I give you this for Christmas? mp3 elites 35K 10/2/08 Captain Spark
Do I look like an Unggoy? mp3 elites 50K 10/2/08 Captain Spark
Do you want something? mp3 elites 21K 11/28/07 937
Don't be a fool, reclaimer! mp3 elites 37K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Don't point that thing at me! mp3 elites 33K 11/28/07 937
Don't you have more pressing matters to attend to? mp3 elites 41K 11/28/07 937
Focus your rage on the prophets, and their lackeys! mp3 elites 47K 11/28/07 937
Follow his lead! mp3 elites 27K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Foolish wretch! mp3 elites 17K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
He is dead. mp3 elites 11K 11/28/07 937


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Are you looking at me because I'm pretty... or because you enjoy being slapped? mp3 female_marines 96K 9/9/08 Captain Spark
But I just found the sweet spot on that one! mp3 female_marines 32K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Cool your jets, buddy. You're not my type. mp3 female_marines 64K 7/9/09 Captain Spark
Could you, um... stop it? mp3 female_marines 36K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Could you, um... STOP IT? mp3 female_marines 79K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Did you see me kick that guy's ass? mp3 female_marines 70K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Dude, stop staring. There's no party going on in my pants. mp3 female_marines 75K 9/9/08 Captain Spark
Gosh - let's be friends forever! K, thanks, bye! mp3 female_marines 93K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Hahaha - I wish they all were that easy. mp3 female_marines 64K 9/9/08 Captain Spark
Hey - if you're just gonna stand there, why don't you go get me some whiskey? mp3 female_marines 85K 9/9/08 Captain Spark
Hey - keep your eyes in the green zone, soldier! mp3 female_marines 70K 9/9/08 Captain Spark
Hey - you awake in that helmet? mp3 female_marines 65K 11/7/07 Captain Spark
Hey soldier - reserve the PDA for your momma, huh? mp3 female_marines 71K 9/9/08 Captain Spark
Hey! Now I got brains on my face! mp3 female_marines 39K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Hey! Why don't you just take my pants while you're at it? mp3 female_marines 50K 7/9/09 Captain Spark
Hey! You're making me uncomfortable, okay? mp3 female_marines 96K 9/9/08 Captain Spark
Hey... I've got an idea... let's go shoot some aliens! mp3 female_marines 122K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
How long were you in cryo? mp3 female_marines 59K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
I am not THAT good-looking, okay? mp3 female_marines 88K 11/7/07 Captain Spark
I don't have the body armor for one more of those. mp3 female_marines 54K 9/9/08 Captain Spark
I guess I should be glad that you didn't kill me. mp3 female_marines 56K 8/20/09 Captain Spark
I have pictures on MySpace. Go check those out! mp3 female_marines 75K 10/2/08 Captain Spark
I know, right? I look cute in this! mp3 female_marines 53K 9/9/08 Captain Spark
I'm gonna stomp a mudhole in your ass! mp3 female_marines 58K 6/29/09 Captain Spark
I'm revved up and ready to rock. mp3 female_marines 40K 9/9/08 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
I shall rise again. mp3 gravemind 47K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Let us begin! mp3 gravemind 34K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
A holy flare to light the journey! mp3 grunts 40K 12/12/07 Captain Spark
Ah - we're doomed! mp3 grunts 57K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Ah, no, he's not here! mp3 grunts 22K 11/7/07 Hellhawk
Air-sucking windbag fleshy! mp3 grunts 41K 11/21/07 Captain Spark
Always in the last place you look. mp3 grunts 50K 6/27/08 Captain Spark
At this point, if the Demon kill us... we deserve it. mp3 grunts 75K 8/20/09 Captain Spark
Attack! mp3 grunts 14K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Bad guy! mp3 grunts 25K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Bad guy! Twelve o'clock! mp3 grunts 35K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Big bastard! mp3 grunts 34K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Bullying heretic! mp3 grunts 49K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
By your command! mp3 grunts 20K 11/21/07 Captain Spark
Come back when you're ready to fight! mp3 grunts 49K 6/27/08 Captain Spark
Comin' for ya! mp3 grunts 13K 11/7/07 Hellhawk
Darn, he got away! mp3 grunts 17K 11/7/07 Hellhawk
Death from the sky! mp3 grunts 44K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Death is coming. mp3 grunts 19K 11/7/07 Hellhawk
Demon, you're weak! mp3 grunts 30K 11/21/07 Captain Spark
Don't irritate the demon! mp3 grunts 32K 6/27/08 Captain Spark
Don't just stand there cowering... fight! mp3 grunts 68K 6/27/08 Captain Spark
Don't kill me! mp3 grunts 34K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Don't make him any angrier! mp3 grunts 53K 6/27/08 Captain Spark
Don't make the demon angry! mp3 grunts 37K 6/27/08 Captain Spark
Don't run after him - it's got germs. mp3 grunts 58K 6/27/08 Captain Spark
Don't worry! I'll get him! mp3 grunts 19K 11/7/07 Hellhawk


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
...the gorram-hell do I do with this? mp3 marines 41K 9/9/08 Captain Spark
A-ow - my freakin' buttcheek! mp3 marines 59K 8/27/09 Captain Spark
Advance - on the double! mp3 marines 21K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Ah, relax, relax. That one will have a heart attack, in about a minute. mp3 marines 89K 7/9/09 Captain Spark
Ah, that was just an hors d'oeuvres - bring on the steak! mp3 marines 87K 11/21/07 Captain Spark
Ah, we'll get him later. mp3 marines 32K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Ah, you're doing just shiny! mp3 marines 33K 7/9/09 Captain Spark
All right, officially, now, you're stalking me. mp3 marines 64K 8/27/09 Captain Spark
All right, Waldo - I've found you. mp3 marines 47K 8/20/09 Captain Spark
All right... and now it's officially creepy. mp3 marines 57K 8/20/09 Captain Spark
Am I still alive? Really? It's just... I can't tell. mp3 marines 128K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
And, uh... and so we basically keep doing this until there are none of them left, huh? mp3 marines 98K 8/20/09 Captain Spark
Another victory for ODST superiority! mp3 marines 67K 10/2/08 Captain Spark
Anyone home? No? Good. mp3 marines 46K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Anything I can do, Chief? mp3 marines 51K 11/21/07 Captain Spark
Are we gonna have some kind of problem, Creepy? mp3 marines 55K 12/20/07 Captain Spark
Are we playing the silent game cause I'm not good at that game! Oh! I - ah, I lost. mp3 marines 69K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Are you checking to see if I have a Flood infection? Because I don't, it's... eczema. mp3 marines 69K 12/20/07 Captain Spark
Are you trying to hypnotize me or something? mp3 marines 73K 11/7/07 Captain Spark
Assface! mp3 marines 29K 8/20/09 Captain Spark
Aw, c'mon, guys! mp3 marines 33K 6/29/09 Captain Spark
Aw, great - there's more! mp3 marines 23K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Aw, I'm gonna take some heads with this! mp3 marines 30K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Bastard! mp3 marines 17K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Beats my standard-issue noisemaker! mp3 marines 39K 9/9/08 Captain Spark


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
The Chief! Oh, crikey, now what do we do? mp3 marine_aussie 51K 11/28/07 937
Ah, yeah. Great stuff! mp3 marine_aussie 25K 11/28/07 937
C'mon, guys! mp3 marine_aussie 49K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Crikey - what are you, a bunch of schoolgirls? Hahaha - Girl Scouts! mp3 marine_aussie 74K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Grenade! mp3 marine_aussie 16K 11/28/07 937
Hey - take a picture, it lasts longer. mp3 marine_aussie 39K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max
Hey, nice throw! mp3 marine_aussie 22K 11/28/07 937
Let's motivate! mp3 marine_aussie 18K 11/28/07 937
Oh - thank god you're here! mp3 marine_aussie 27K 11/28/07 937
What are ya, a bunch of schoolgirls? mp3 marine_aussie 48K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Wow, we just basically reamed 'em, huh? mp3 marine_aussie 37K 12/27/07 Comrade_Max


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Assault! mp3 multiplayer 15K 3/8/08 Icy Guy
Capture the flag. mp3 multiplayer 19K 3/8/08 Icy Guy
Game over! mp3 multiplayer 22K 3/8/08 Icy Guy
Hill moved. mp3 multiplayer 19K 3/8/08 Icy Guy
Infected! mp3 multiplayer 21K 3/8/08 Icy Guy
Juggernaut. mp3 multiplayer 17K 3/8/08 Icy Guy
King of the hill. mp3 multiplayer 19K 3/8/08 Icy Guy
New juggernaut. mp3 multiplayer 19K 3/8/08 Icy Guy
New VIP. mp3 multiplayer 27K 3/8/08 Icy Guy
Oddball. mp3 multiplayer 17K 3/8/08 Icy Guy
Play ball! mp3 multiplayer 22K 3/8/08 Icy Guy
Slayer. mp3 multiplayer 22K 3/8/08 Icy Guy
Territories. mp3 multiplayer 17K 3/8/08 Icy Guy


Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
'Bout time I had the upper hand! mp3 stacker 38K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
A plan would be good. mp3 stacker 54K 9/9/08 Captain Spark
Ah, nice pause, but um... this war ain't gonna fight itself. mp3 stacker 130K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Are you waiting for me to do something? mp3 stacker 82K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Boy, I just love getting up in the morning and kicking somebody's ass. mp3 stacker 80K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Boy, the uglier they are, the harder they fall. mp3 stacker 58K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
C'mon - let's light this candle. mp3 stacker 79K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
C'mon, let's do this thing! mp3 stacker 92K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Can we get our act together, before we, you know, do that again? mp3 stacker 70K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Can you hit anything with this? mp3 stacker 65K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Chief, there's nothing happening here now. mp3 stacker 83K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Did you go somewhere? And why didn't you bring back two? mp3 stacker 120K 11/7/07 Captain Spark
Didn't work so good for you, why would I want it? mp3 stacker 38K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Does it look like I'm complaining, sir? mp3 stacker 34K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Don't ask, don't tell. mp3 stacker 37K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Hey, any time you want this back... too bad! mp3 stacker 60K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
Hey, Chief - thanks. mp3 stacker 38K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
I better not find that laying around somewhere! mp3 stacker 45K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
I do not like the idea of dying. Just wanna let you know. mp3 stacker 60K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
I guess it's yours now! mp3 stacker 32K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
I guess you know what you're doing. mp3 stacker 35K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
I know I'm quite a sight, but do your looking later! mp3 stacker 78K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
I love takin' down brutes. mp3 stacker 57K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
I thought I was gonna buy the farm back there, I did I did I did... mp3 stacker 66K 2/15/08 Captain Spark
I'm in your debt, sir. mp3 stacker 30K 2/15/08 Captain Spark

1. All submissions are given with the knowledge that the clips are freely available for use in any OTHER fan creation - barring those that violate Bungie's copyrights, of course. If a submitter wants to limit how his clips can be used by others, we actually don't want them in the database. Submitters get full credit for extracting the sounds from the game - but relinquish all rights to the clips past that. This disclaimer is being added solely because we don't want fights to break out if a submitter isn't happy with the way his clip is used by another site visitor submitting, say, a Flash animation. If you think you will have trouble accepting the fact that others are using the clips to make fan creations for the community - don't submit.