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Transcript of dialogue from E3 2003 Halo 2 Trailer

Note:There were subtle differences in some dialogue between the runthrough as shown at E3 and the version released on the net by Bungie. I've used the (much) higher-quality net version to correct mistakes made in the original transcription... but I'm not removing text that was in the E3 version but not in the net version, or adding text that came later. (At some point, if time permits, I'll try to add this text as a side note.)

[Unlike the Press Conference showing, the showings at E3 itself had an extra, unshown-on-the-internet opening. We're transcribing this, as well, even though you can't see it unless you were there. After the audience was seated, the presenter (Jaime Griesemer or Joe Staten) would make some sort of comment about how there would be a Microsoft Powerpoint demonstration at the very start, because they felt it was important for people to understand the physics behind the new features, and so on, and so on. At some point during this speech, the screens behind the presenter would come on, and Sergeant Johnson would wal out toward the audience. He'd interrupt the speech, and launch into the following.]

Sarge: Stow it, son! These folks didn't wait in line to hear your lips flippity-flap. Knock it off and get ready to dance, you pasty bastard.

Presenter: Yes Sir!

[screen drops behind Sarge, showing a map of eastern Africa]

Sarge: What you good people are about to see is an operation in progress. This is a real-time feed. No smoke and mirrors, pre-recorded bullshit. Elements of the covenant fleet have made landfall and occupied one of our cities. We'll link up with our forces in theatre, engage the enemy, and boot their sorry behinds back into the stratosphere. Yo, demo Bee-yotch?!

Presenter: Sir!

Sarge: Anything else?

Presenter: Just this Powerpoint...

Sarge: Didn't think so....KILL THE LIGHTS!

[The demo begins for real]

[screen opens with a huge city, rising into the clouds]


Cortana: ...it took two in the nose, then dropped into the atmosphere.
Master Chief: Who was first contact?
Sarge: 405th, out of Diego Garcia... but don't expect a big welcome. Covenant wiped most of 'em out before they hit the ground.

[pelican banks for a landing]

Spotter on ground: Immediate 3-Kilo-2-3 is hot. Recommend mission abort.
Pilot: [over radio] Roger, recon. [to Sarge] It's your call, Sergeant.
Sarge: We're goin' in. GET TACTICAL, MARINES!

[ODSTs in the back of the pelican check weapons, put on helmets]

Cortana: Covenant ground forces own this city. We'll need to deal with them before we can kill that cruiser.

[pelican flies in through plasma flak, lands on roof pad]

Sarge: Pile out. GO GO GO!

[marines and MC jump out of the pelican, head down off the roof]

Sarge: [over radio] I'll evac the wounded. Keep me posted, Cortana.
Cortana: [over radio] Of course, Sergeant.
Perez: Sir - Corporal Perez, A Company. CP's this way.

[leads MC down the ramp]

Marine helping wounded marine: Must be seein' things...
Wounded marine: Guess the brass really do give a shit!

[MC passes a medic pumping on the chest of a wounded man on a cot - blood everywhere]

Medic 1: Come on! Come on! Come on!

[MC passes a makeshift hospital tent]

Medic 2: Stay with me, marine!
Medic 3: No tags!
medic 2: Hang two units, O-neg. And he needs an airway.

[MC crosses road, comes to another cot]

Medic 4: [looking at watch] I'm calling it. It's 19:00.
Perez: [explaining to MC] The lieutenant got hit as soon as we dropped in.
Cortana: Who's in charge now, corporal?
Perez: Sergeant Banks, ma'am. He's pinned down out front. C'mon, I'll show you.

[through a building, up some stairs]

Marine: No, no, behind that ST!
Marine 2: Yeah, yeah, yeah! [shooting stationary machine gun]
Marine: 3 more, coming left!
Marine 2: I'm runnin' low, man!

[Perez and MC stop just inside a doorway]

Perez: Oye - Parsons!
Parsons: Yeah?
Perez: Is it clear?

[huge explosion outside doorway]

Parsons: You tell me!
Perez: [mumbled] Coño. [shouted] Friendlies - movin out! Covering fire!

[MC moves out, along the building side, shooting as he goes.]

ODST:[only heard if MC moves fast out of the doorway] Grunts down low!

[MC comes upon Sergeant Banks]

Banks: I asked for reinforcements... I didn't think they'd send a Spartan.

[MC looks up at a covenant heavy artillery piece]

Banks: We gotta take that thing out... cover me! [into radio] TAC HQ - this is Sergeant Banks. I've got hostile artillery 200 meters north-northeast of my position. Bring smoke NOW, over...
ODST: [over radio] Hostiles, right...
Banks: Dammit, HQ - is anybody on this freq?
Easley: [over radio] Sergeant - this is Major Easley. Hang tight - we're inbound.

[Two longswords fly overhead, drop bombs on the artillery piece, blowing it to smithereens]

Easley: Verify delivery of ordinance is on target.
Banks: Dead on, Major - target is neutralized.

ODST: Squad! Move out!

[Banks hands his SMG to MC]

Banks: Take my weapon. You'll need it.

[MC heads down to the street, firing two SMGs at once]

ODST: Frag and clear! Clear it out!

[MC looks down on phalanx of jackals, advancing up the street]

[Two warthogs pull up in front of them]

Marine driver: I could use a gunner, sir!
ODST: [Over radio] Go ahead, sir - we've got your back.

[MC gets into back of hog with gauss gun attached, blows the hell out of a creep (a new covenant troop carrier) with half-a-dozen shots]

Marine driver: That's the way, yeah!

[follows suit on a pair of creeps]

Marine driver: Siddown, ya chump!

[hog runs over some fleeing covenant]

Marine driver: That better buff out!
Marine passenger: Ghosts! Making a break for it!
Marine driver: I got 'em!
Marine passenger: You wanna let me drive?
Marine passenger: You keeping score? [after MC takes out another dropship]
Marine passenger: That's one... [as a ghost goes up] That's two... [as a second ghost flips and crashes] C'mon, who's for more?

[huge flying cov craft passes overhead]

Cortana: A Phantom!
Marine driver: Hang on!

[during the ensuing chase]

Cortana: Brutes!

[Brute leaps on the hog in front of the one MC's in... then another leaps on MC's hog]

Cortana: Look out!

[Brute throws the passenger out, MC jumps off the back as the Brute smacks the driver]

[MC shoots brute a few times, then melees it three times, killing it. (The second and third hits are part of a melee combo attack.) Turns on another pair... blows up a car next to one in order to kill it, shoots the other with battle rifle]

Cortana: Ghosts - to your right!

[First one flies by in a hail of bullets from MC, second is heading straight for him]

Cortana: Wait for it... nice! [as MC leaps up and mounts the moving ghost]

[MC climbs up hood, then throws a flying dropkick at the brute in the driver's seat, knocking him out]

Cortana: The marines won't stand a chance, if those Phantoms double back! See if you can draw them off.

[MC leads two phantoms and three ghosts on a chase down a deserted highway. Phantom one kills itself by shooting through a billboard which falls on it. MC heads into a stretch with an 'Access Denied' sign above it.]

Cortana: Chief...

Master Chief: Hang on!

[MC slides through a closing gate, coming off the ghost and sliding, sparks flying , down the highway. Brute behind him sees the closed gate too late, and explodes. (A second following Brute also hits the door.) MC shakes himself off, and gets up.]

Cortana: Bingo. There's the cruiser. Now: All we need to do is... [trails off]

[Individual pods are falling into the city, embedding themselves in the ground. 7 land right next to MC. The closest pops open, revealing special-ops Elites. They circle MC, activating light swords and growling. MC holds up his two SMGs... then puts one down and grabs a plasma grenade.]

Cortana: Betcha can't stick it...

Master Chief: You're on. [charges into battle]

[Fade to black]