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The Bungie audio team has made it clear that there are over 5000 dialogue snippets in Halo - but the likelihood of hearing them all are slim (possibly nonexistent). Several attempts have been made to catalogue as many of these as can be found... but the problem has always been in the collection. It's easy to mishear, or mistype - and some people who submit entries care more about the exact wording than others. In early July, 2003, Captain Spark submitted the beginnings of what could be the definitive collection - because they're recorded samples; anyone unsure about whether the transcription is correct can listen for themselves. Rather than simply putting Captain Spark's submissions on a page, and leaving it at that, we've decided to start a database. Submissions are welcome - but they need to be in either mp3 or wav format. Try to keep individual samples to under 100K... and be sure to check whether the sample you're submitting is already archived. There are currently 3 categories: Grunts, Marines (including Chips Dubbo, Mendoza, Bisenti, and Jenkins), and the Sarges (Johnson and Stacker). We'll add new sections as they're needed. Please mail submissions to halotalk@bungie.org.[1]

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Snippets of sarges

Snippet Format Category Size Date Submitter
Oh, God. Oh, God! Aaugghh! mp3 sarges 79K 7/31/03 Captain Spark
Oh, god, sorry. mp3 sarges 20K 4/6/04 Captain Spark
Oh,god. Oh, god! mp3 sarges 19K 4/6/04 Captain Spark
Oh, lie down. mp3 sarges 14K 4/6/04 Captain Spark
Oh, like a big zit! mp3 sarges 16K 4/6/04 Captain Spark
Oh man, I'm... I'm gonna chuck! mp3 sarges 14K 12/21/03 Captain Spark
Oh, playing possum? mp3 sarges 40K 9/24/03 Captain Spark
Oh, that's it! mp3 sarges 12K 7/14/03 Louis Wu
Oh, that's just great. Now what? mp3 sarges 33K 7/17/03 Captain Spark
Oh, that's... that's it! mp3 sarges 24K 7/17/03 Captain Spark
Oh, there's a mess of 'em! mp3 sarges 11K 12/21/03 Captain Spark
Oh, yeah! mp3 sarges 29K 7/8/03 Captain Spark
Oh, you wanna get shot some more? mp3 sarges 35K 8/13/03 Captain Spark
Okay... mp3 sarges 11K 7/19/03 Owm88
One alien down! mp3 sarges 19K 7/31/03 Captain Spark
Advance on my mark. Move! mp3 sarges 24K 4/6/04 Captain Spark
Ooh! More! mp3 sarges 19K 7/14/03 Captain Spark
Op, that's it! Now I've done it! mp3 sarges 17K 4/6/04 Captain Spark
Check for ordinance on the ground! mp3 sarges 20K 4/6/04 Captain Spark
He came out of nowhere! mp3 sarges 14K 4/6/04 Captain Spark
Over here mp3 sarges 13K 7/14/03 Captain Spark
Ow! That's gotta hurt! mp3 sarges 27K 9/24/03 Captain Spark
[plasma grenade on Sarge] mp3 sarges 26K 7/12/03 Captain Spark
[plasma grenade on Stacker] mp3 sarges 69K 10/15/03 Captain Spark
You playin' with the big dogs now... mp3 sarges 19K 4/6/04 Captain Spark
Point that thing somewhere else! mp3 sarges 33K 7/8/03 Captain Spark
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1. All submissions are given with the knowledge that the clips are freely available for use in any OTHER fan creation - barring those that violate Bungie's copyrights, of course. If a submitter wants to limit how his clips can be used by others, we actually don't want them in the database. Submitters get full credit for extracting the sounds from the game - but relinquish all rights to the clips past that. This disclaimer is being added solely because we don't want fights to break out if a submitter isn't happy with the way his clip is used by another site visitor submitting, say, a Flash animation. If you think you will have trouble accepting the fact that others are using the clips to make fan creations for the community - don't submit.