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Halo Infinite Cutscene Library

The Halo Infinite cutscenes were submitted for hosting back in June of 2022, but didn't make it online for a month. Sorry, Cody!

These are available in 4K max resolution, 60fps.

You can view a streaming version of the cutscene by clicking on a thumbnail.

  Cutscene Name Downloads
2160p 1080p 720p
Prologue Prologue
The banished board the Infinity, and Atriox does battle with the Master Chief. 1:45 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
504.3mb 193.4mb 67.1mb
Opening Opening
Stranded after the attack, a pelican pilot finds a familiar face and brings him on board. 3:31 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
1.0gb 387.2mb 134.5mb
Warship Gbraakon: Intro Warship Gbraakon: Intro
The Pilot brings the Master Chief up to speed, before an unexpected encounter forces him into action. 2:39 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
770.1mb 295.3mb 102.4mb
Warship Gbraakon: Angry Brute Warship Gbraakon: Angry Brute
The Master Chief stands off against an angry Brute. 0:22 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
105.4mb 41.0mb 14.2mb
Warship Gbraakon: Escharum's Broadcast Warship Gbraakon: Escharum's Broadcast
Escharum's hologram gives his troops a pep talk. 1:05 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
312.6mb 120.0mb 41.6mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Warship Gbraakon: Escharum's Threat Warship Gbraakon: Escharum's Threat
Escharum takes notice of the Master Chief, and issues a threat. 1:07 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
322.4mb 123.4mb 42.8mb
Warship Gbraakon: Closing Warship Gbraakon: Closing
The Master Chief awaits a pickup after escaping the exploding warship. 1:51 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
527.7mb 199.8mb 69.2mb
Foundation: Opening Foundation: Opening
Escharum brings a lieutenant in line, while the Master Chief decides to investigate a mysterious signal from the ring over the Pilot's protests. 3:52 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
1.1gb 422.6mb 146.7mb
Foundation: Weapon Foundation: Weapon
The Master Chief finds the message's source from an unexpected sender, and explains the new mission. 2:05 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
598.6mb 228.7mb 79.3mb
Foundation: Cortana Foundation: Cortana
The Master Chief sees visions of Cortana's leftover data, and safeguards it against the Banished. 3:33 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
1.0gb 392.1mb 136.0mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Foundation: Bridge Foundation: Bridge
The Weapon raises the way forward. 0:11 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
53.5mb 20.9mb 7.2mb
Shield Upgrade Shield Upgrade
The Master Chief finds a shield upgrade off of a downed Spartan. 0:32 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
152.3mb 58.4mb 20.2mb
Foundation: Tremonius Foundation: Tremonius
The Weapon lowers an elevator, but it's occupied by a powerful foe. 0:46 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
226.2mb 87.4mb 30.3mb
Outpost Tremonius: Opening Outpost Tremonius: Opening
The Weapon and Master Chief are interrupted by Escharum's taunts. 1:17 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
370.0mb 142.7mb 49.5mb
Outpost Tremonius: Closing Outpost Tremonius: Closing
The Weapon secures a FOB, allowing the Pilot to safely land. The Master Chief informs him of the new situation. 3:22 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
964.8mb 368.4mb 127.8mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Recovery: Intro Recovery: Intro
The gang take off and head for the UNSC distress signal inside a tower. The weapon poses a question to the Master Chief. 2:18 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
665.6mb 254.3mb 88.2mb
Lockdown Lockdown
The weapon lifts the Banished lockdown of the tower. 0:30 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
141.3mb 54.5mb 19.0mb
Threat Sensor Threat Sensor
The Master Chief finds a sensor upgrade off of a downed Spartan. :32 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
152.0mb 58.4mb 20.4mb
The Tower: Chak 'Lok The Tower: Chak 'Lok
The Master Chief encounters Chak 'Lok. 0:19 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
92.5mb 35.8mb 12.4mb
The Tower: Rescue The Tower: Rescue
The Master Chief rescues one of Chak 'Lok's prisoners, who tells the Chief about the Banished's plans. 2:12 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
628.1mb 241.0mb 83.2mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Excavation Site: Laser Excavation Site: Laser
The Banished turn on a mining laser, blocking the way forward. 0:20 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
93.7mb 36.8mb 12.7mb
Excavation Site: The Plan Excavation Site: The Plan
Unable to shut down the laser, the Weapon gives the Master Chief an alternative. 0:29 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
136.4mb 52.6mb 18.2mb
Excavation Site: Bassus Excavation Site: Bassus
The Master Chief's attempt to overload the laser is interrupted. 0:29 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
139.9mb 53.7mb 18.6mb
Excavation Site: Laser Overload Excavation Site: Laser Overload
The Weapon overloads the laser, opening the way forward. 0:29 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
141.3mb 54.4mb 18.9mb
Drop Wall Drop Wall
The Master Chief finds a drop wall upgrade off of a downed Spartan. 0:31 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
149.2mb 57.3mb 19.8mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Conservatory: Despondent Pyre Conservatory: Despondent Pyre
The Weapon and Master Chief meet the installation's monitor Despondent Pyre, and decide to aid it. 0:52 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
251.6mb 97.2mb 33.7mb
Conservatory: Cortana and Pyre Conservatory: Cortana and Pyre
The Weapon and Master Chief view an old conversation between Cortana and Despondent Pyre. 1:16 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
365.6mb 140.2mb 48.7mb
Thruster Thruster
The Master Chief finds a thruster upgrade off of a downed Spartan. 0:32 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
153.9mb 58.7mb 20.3mb
Conservatory: Harbinger Conservatory: Harbinger
The Master Chief meets the Harbinger. 2:26 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
700.3mb 268.8mb 93.3mb
Spire: Gravlift Spire: Gravlift
The Weapon activates a gravlift for the Master Chief. 0:33 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
156.2mb 60.6mb 21.0mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Spire: Adjutant Resolution Spire: Adjutant Resolution
The Weapon and Master Chief meet sub monitor Adjutant Resolution, and tell it the bad news. 1:02 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
294.6mb 113.2mb 39.3mb
Spire: Observation Platform Spire: Observation Platform
The Spire's purpose is revealed, and the Master Chief makes a dramatic choice. 0:43 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
202.3mb 78.2mb 27.2mb
Spire: Closing Spire: Closing
After shutting down the Spire, the Master Chief sets off to shut down the remaining spires with the Pilot's help. 4:46 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
1.3gb 523.5mb 181.6mb
Pelican Down: Escharum Pelican Down: Escharum
Escharum delivers the Master Chief a challenge as he attempts to shut down the Banished's anti-air cannons. 2:10 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
625.8mb 240.3mb 83.3mb
Pelican Down: Hand of Atriox Pelican Down: Hand of Atriox
Escharum explains the purpose behind his Spartan Killers to intimidate the Master Chief. 1:35 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
458.1mb 175.0mb 60.7mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Pelican Down: Guns Down Pelican Down: Guns Down
The Weapon deactivates the last of the anti-air guns. 0:30 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
143.4mb 55.2mb 19.1mb
Pelican Down: Closing Pelican Down: Closing
The Master Chief reunites with the Pilot, who has serious doubts about the mission, and about himself. The Harbinger warns Escharum about the Master Chief. 5:41 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
1.6gb 633.1mb 219.7mb
The Sequence: Opening The Sequence: Opening
The Weapon asks the Chief for answers, as the Pilot drops them off outside the second Spire. 2:32 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
738.5mb 282.1mb 98.0mb
The Sequence: Lockdown The Sequence: Lockdown
The Weapon discovers the Harbinger has locked her out of the Spire. 0:41 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
191.5mb 73.9mb 25.6mb
The Sequence: 1st Strand The Sequence: 1st Strand
The Weapon gathers the first of 4 data strands to bypass the lockdown. 0:35 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
166.9mb 64.1mb 22.2mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
The Sequence: 2nd Strand The Sequence: 2nd Strand
The Weapon gathers the second of 4 data strands to bypass the lockdown. 0:55 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
261.6mb 100.0mb 34.8mb
The Sequence: 3rd Strand The Sequence: 3rd Strand
The Weapon gathers the third of 4 data strands to bypass the lockdown. 0:58 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
278.1mb 106.0mb 36.8mb
The Sequence: Final Strand The Sequence: Final Strand
The Weapon gathers the final strand to bypass the lockdown, but discovers something unsettling. The Master Chief ponders a difficult decision. 1:13 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
346.3mb 132.6mb 45.9mb
Nexus: Opening Nexus: Opening
The Weapon and Master Chief approach the Nexus controlling the Spires, but the Weapon begins to have doubts. 1:05 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
308.4mb 118.6mb 41.3mb
Nexus: Intervention Nexus: Intervention
The Weapon attempts to control the Spires, but the Harbinger has other plans. The Chief and the Weapon butt heads. 2:26 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
696.7mb 266.8mb 92.5mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Command Spire: Intro Command Spire: Intro
The Weapon tracks the Harbinger to the Silent Auditorium. 0:45 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
210.6mb 80.4mb 27.9mb
Command Spire: Closing Command Spire: Closing
The Weapon shuts down the Spires, but the extraction doesn't go as planned. Escharum loses his patience with the Harbinger, and sets a trap for the Master Chief. 6:35 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
1.8gb 721.6mb 250.1mb
Repository: Trap Repository: Trap
Escharum reveals his trap, and dares the Chief to face him. 2:04 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
596.8mb 228.4mb 79.3mb
Repository: Leonidas Repository: Leonidas
The Chief and Weapon view a disturbing data fragment from Cortana. 0:55 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
261.2mb 100.0mb 34.8mb
Repository: Cortana and Atriox Repository: Cortana and Atriox
The Chief and Weapon view a data fragment with Cortana and Atriox, revealing the truth behind the Weapon's creation. 4:32 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
1.3gb 499.0mb 173.0mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Bridge Bridge
The Weaponn raises the bridge to Escharum's stronghold. 0:30 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
143.8mb 55.7mb 19.3mb
House or Reckoning: Blademaster House or Reckoning: Blademaster
The Master Chief confronts the Blademaster. 0:36 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
170.7mb 65.6mb 22.7mb
House or Reckoning: Escharum House or Reckoning: Escharum
Aftermath of the showdown with Escharum. 2:09 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
615.1mb 235.8mb 81.7mb
Silent Auditorium: Opening Silent Auditorium: Opening
The Weapon and the Master Chief are dropped off near the Silent Auditorium. 1:17 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
372.4mb 142.5mb 49.5mb
Silent Auditorium: Cortana's Choice Silent Auditorium: Cortana's Choice
The Weapon and Master Chief view a data fragment of Cortana and Atriox's final encounter. 1:19 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
380.1mb 144.6mb 50.2mb
  2160p 1080p 720p
Silent Auditorium: Harbinger Silent Auditorium: Harbinger
The Master Chief and the Weapon reach the Silent Auditorium, but it may be too late. 1:07 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
322.5mb 124.4mb 43.1mb
Silent Auditorium: Closing Silent Auditorium: Closing
The Master Chief defeats the Harbinger, and escapes to the surface of Zeta Halo, reuniting with the Pilot. 6:47 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
1.9gb 747.4mb 259.4mb
Credits Credits
The game's credits. 26:05 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
2.3gb 1.2gb 437.7mb
Epilogue (Legendary) Epilogue (Legendary)
Nearly a hundred thousand years ago, a familiar face releases the endless... 1:24 long.
dwnld dwnld dwnld
405.9mb 155.6mb 54.0mb

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