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Halo-Related Art from Veegie


This one has been in the works for quite some time; fitting in art time between school, work and general laziness can be a bother. As per our usual method of creating art, we tossed back ideas, tried to get each other to understand our visions and met in the middle. The initial scene was drafted up and rendered by myself and then passed on to Hawaiian Pig for some serious post production shenanigans. This time we went for a much more stylized approach as wispy snow tends to ask for it. The result isn't that bad, I'd say. Of course as with many artists we feel it could be better. Perhaps we can top it next time.

(HawaiianPig's commentary is here - and a 'low-res' version (1280x1024, 286k) is here.)


Halo ©Bungie Studios and Microsoft.

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