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Halo-Related Art from Veegie


Production Time: 35 hours

Bloody Sunday was a collaboration piece with another member of the Halo community. With this scene, I mainly took direction, discussed revisions, and had to hit some very short deadlines with a seemingly endless stack of work.

Every character was individually placed and posed, with a little help from a pose library I created in 3ds Max. While most of the models and textures did come from the game, many were modified and custom specular, illumination, and opacity maps were created. Additionally, every biped had to be rigged as there is no way to extract such model information from the game.

With the assistance of shadow, Z-depth, photon illumination, motion blur, and ambient light render passes, all of the effects in the scene were added in Photoshop. While this scene was an immense challenge due to the timeframe it had to be completed in, it is one of my favorite because it made me evolve a lot in a short period of time.

Also available in a larger size (2240x1280, 636 kb)


Halo ©Bungie Studios and Microsoft.

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