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Halo 3: ODST Mythic (SLASO) Walkthrough by Daniel Morris

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Data Hive

Full run, Bungie.net Fileshare
HiveSkip, partial run courtesy of AuraSoldier313

      You can finally kiss the flashbacks goodbye. From here on out, you'll be playing in real-time as the Rookie in your quest to uncover the secrets of the ONI and escape from an overrun New Mombasa. You'll be facing off with the full spectrum of Covenant infantry including the angelic Engineers which will further complicate your progress.
      Data Hive is perhaps the longest mission in the game, but in my opinion, it's also one of the most fun. Its vacuum sealed chambers loosely remind me of the mission Sacred Icon from Halo 2, only instead of fighting swarms of angry robots, we're swatting giant mutant flies instead. This is also the only instance in the series where I've witnessed the Drones effectively interacting with Covenant squads rather than just always appearing in random swarms. Hmmm... methinks this may have helped pave the road for the new Skirmisher enemy in Halo: Reach?
      Alright, but back on track. This mission is divided into several sub-sections:

  1. Level Seven
  2. Level Eight
  3. Level Nine
  4. Dare
  5. The Hive
  6. The Asset

So without further ado, let's begin our journey through the depths of the New Mombasa underbelly!

Level Seven

      Once again, we'll finally be able to use that new zesty VISR feature, so go ahead and flip it on to better your awareness. Grab one of the 100% plasma pistols, enabling you to have the basic combo-kill equipment. You'll need it. Around the corner you'll encounter your first enemies of the mission. They'll be conversing about the Drones' incompetence and normally won't even notice you if you just run by. Even if they do, their grenade tosses are horribly inaccurate, so save the ammo and just keep going. Around the next corner will be another group of Grunts. They'll be safeguarding one of two exits... the closer one. Go ahead and avoid it, opting to take the further exit instead. Again, save the ammo if you can stand it. You'll be better off down the road.
      Head through the door, down the tight corridor, and head left through the next. Three Jackals will be patrolling the halls. Ignoring them should be fairly easy, but if one happens to get in your way, usually an overcharged plasma bolt will lower his shield and send him running. This will allow you to land an easy assassination. The others won't follow you, so engaging them would just be a waste of time and valuable ammo.
      Four more Grunts will be waiting for you around the next corner. Killing enough of them will send the survivors fleeing for their lives. Don't let them escape. Try ending them before they reach the exit to give you an easier escape later.

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      Finishing them off and entering the first of several much tighter corridors will mark the first of several similar encounters. You've had it pretty easy so far, but things are about to get much more interesting. The next few open areas and connecting segments resemble a honeycomb-type of system. Most of the open segments will typically result in a minor skirmish between varying enemies, so don't hesitate to pick up a fresh plasma pistol when available. The same goes for grenades. You can't have enough stickies in this level. It's also worth noting that the open areas are usually populated with at least one hemo pack. I'd recommend waiting until after you've cleared the room before using it, though.
      Though the first two rooms will be empty, a group of Jackals led by a Brute will be in the process of infiltrating the second one from the connecting hall. Tossing a frag at the opening will at the very least slow down their progress. I'd recommend combo-killing the Brute, and while the Jackals run towards the exit, you can easily jump over them and rush into the next area. If you're quick enough, you'll see a group of Grunts and a Brute trying to escape. Nab the Brute while he has his back to you, making him less of a threat. Then dish out the magnum on the Grunts. Pick up a hemo pack if you need it and proceed forward. If you managed to kill them all, the fourth room will be vacant as well.
      The last room on Level Seven will be free of villains at the start, but you'll meet up with a rather sketchy NMPD officer on his own secret mission. Touch the LCD panel to allow access to the next level, and immediately take cover behind one of the pillars. A small swarm of Drones will will come rushing from the opening and start attacking the officer. While their attention is drawn elsewhere, jump down through the opening, and through the next door to skip the battle entirely.

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Level Eight

      The most obvious path at this point would be to continue straight forward, but doing so would force you into encounter with yet another Drone ambush. Avoid it by ducking into the side corridor. Don't worry, the officer will teleport down there with you without bringing along his bugger buddies. The opposite end of this zone may present a more challenging scenario. A Brute captain awaits your arrival along with his support of four Stalkers wielding maulers. Here's a hint. You can still save magnum ammo by just plasma-charging their shields. They'll start flailing around rather than shooting at you.
      Head through the exit and into the next section of honeycomb hallways. Again, the first room will be empty, but a cluster of Drones is about to invade from the opposite doorway. Toss a frag grenade into the corridor to lessen their ranks, and grab the hemo pack beside the door. Now rush through the exit and into the next room. A trio of Jackals will be sneaking in from the other opening. Kill them. A lone captain lies ahead. Taking him out along with the Jackals will allow you a few seconds of breathing time before reinforcements show up, namely another captain and a couple of Grunts. Fight this one out, and kill them. At this point, leaving any stragglers behind could prove to be a fatal mistake, so clear out each room and take advantage of the free health.
      The next room will be occupied by three Brutes. Usually one of them will be wielding a Brute shot, so make him top priority. Splash damage hates ODSTs... Combo-killing them should be a relative breeze. Pick up a fresh plasma pistol afterwards if necessary and proceed forward. The next space gives you a short break by freeing it up of any potential foes. Enjoy it as it will be short lived. The following room will be occupied by a squad of Grunts led by a Brute captain. Bring them to justice, and refill your health bars as needed.
      Your next encounter is going to suck a bit more; four Brutes, and at least one will be gripping a Brute shot. Strafe back and forth across the doorway, and do your best to deal with them from a distance. This will serve as your last skirmish for Level Eight.

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Level Nine

      Things seem to be getting... colder. The corridors are now coated by a strange, icy mist, making VISR mode more important than ever. Use it. At this point, you may want to trade out your magnum for one of the carbines lying around since the latter will have ammo that's easier to come by. Hopefully you're well stocked on grenades at this point as well, because the battle that's about to ensue is one of the major choke points the mission has to offer. You'll be dealing with a few Grunts backed by a small platoon of Brutes led by a War Chieftain.
      The first set of enemies should be breeze since you'll not only have the advantage of both distance and elevation, but the NMPD officer will also serve as a minor distraction to your foes. As always, anything wielding a carbine or Brute shot should be at the top of your hit list. While battling it out with these guys, I also highly recommend positioning yourself for an easy retreat so you can duck out when you need to.
      More than likely, your partner in crime will trigger the next wave by rushing around the corner ahead. You'll want to dispose of them as quickly as possible, because within a matter of seconds that War Chieftain will be closing in fast, and you're far better off dealing with him one on one. He wields a plasma cannon, making him one of the more formidable enemies in the mission.
      There are two ways you can deal with this mofo. The first is by simply running by him and praying that his endless hose of plasma doesn't melt you into the floor. The second method involves closing the distance and dancing around him until you're able to land an assassination. Believe it or not, I've found that the latter has a much higher success rate. It's mainly all about closing the distance and avoiding his plasma bursts. If you get close enough, he'll make a small jump towards you, making it easier to whip around him for a clear shot.

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      Making it past this point marks a huge milestone in the mission. Assuming you made it, breath a sigh of relief. Well deserved. This is also the last stop for the officer dude. If you haven't received the last log file for the side story, follow him into the ice room where he'll eventually start shooting at you. He has no shields, so taking him down should be a cakewalk. After that, feel free to retrieve the file at any point. Otherwise, just grab the flamethrower from the corner of the corridor and continue onward.
      As you travel downward, you'll hear a familiar voice apologizing to Buck regarding not telling him everything. Ha! I knew she was a cheater!
      Standing between you and Dare's rescue will be an intimidating squad of Covenant where the normal team of Grunts has been replaced by land-bound drones accompanied by shielded Jackals and a Brute captain. Fortunately for you, it doesn't take much from the flamethrower to bring down even shielded enemies. The fiery weapon should allow you to make quick work of the sentries, giving you access to Dare's hold up (refrain from the "she said" jokes).

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      I always preferred truth myself...
      Fortunately for you, Dare proves herself to be a worthy ally in this situation. The road ahead can be a tough one. In addition to fending off the usual groups of Grunts, Jackals, and Brutes, grounded Drones will be thrown will be thrown into the mix. They move quickly and are tough when it comes to landing that headshot. Best I can tell, these new tactics pave the way for the new Skirmisher race in Halo: Reach. Sneaky move, Bungie!
      Like the officer, you'll want to use Dare as a distraction as you both make your way to this "asset" she keeps referring to; presumably the VIRGIL Superintendant. Let her lead the way into the first data corridor, and activate that VISR!
      The first group you'll encounter is nothing short of standard; a Brute captain leading a small squad of Grunts. They'll start chucking plasmas the moment they see you, so get ready to dodge. The Brute here usually wields a carbine. Great for obtaining extra ammo! Down the hall and around the corner, you'll find the Grunts have been replaced by fast-paced Drones armed with needlers and plasma pistols. Another captain will be supervising them as well. Aim for the head as best you can. They seem to be far easier to headshot on the ground than in the air. Take a moment to get familiar with their new tactics, as this truly is the first (and last) time they've been used in this manner without shooting their wings off first.
      Jackals with shields will be the main cannon fodder for the next bunch, yet again led by a Brute captain. Let Dare lob a few grenades on this one since oftentimes the Jackals are too stubborn to jump out of the way. Around the next bend will be ground-Drone reinforcements. Their speed and ability to strafe makes them incredibly difficult to gun down in comparison to Grunts and Jackals, so take your time and find some convenient cover to protect you while you battle it out with them.
      Head through the door and down the shaft. From here you're back to the standard teams of Grunts and Jackals serving as Brute support. Momentarily trade out your carbine for one of the crated Brute shots. I find them fairly effective against the shielded Jackals in this zone. Once you've wiped the floor with them in the first room, retrieve your carbine and proceed to the second room. As long as you can avoid the Brute shot splash damage, dealing with the Grunts and Brute here should be relatively easy as shown in the next video.

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      With the room clear, proceed into the cavernous room ahead. You'll notice a crate of beam rifles nearby. Take a moment to arm Dare with one and yourself with the other. What you're about to face ahead is the second major chokepoint contained in the mission...

The Hive

      There are two ways to deal with the monstrosity of a task you have ahead of you. The first is pretty straightforward. Make your way to the upper levels of the room and use your beam rifle and carbine to deal with the swarms of Drones that will be constantly attacking you and Dare. A sound strategy here would be to let Dare wander ahead while you take out the Drones from afar. Additionally, if you learn the locations from which the Drones originate, you can use the beam rifle to down a fair number of them as they exit.
      There will be one more additional crate of beam rifles for when you start running low on ammo, so don't feel the need to be overly conservative here.
      Lastly, you'll be dealing with an all new Drone-based enemy at the end of this tricky endeavor known as a "Drone Leader". Not only is he heavily protected by his own energy shield, but he also wields a Brute plasma rifle that never seems to overheat. No wonder he got picked to be the leader... And when he notices your presence, he'll have no problem assaulting our location, so be quick to take out his shields (if Dare doesn't first), and lay into him with the beam rifle to bring him down quickly! Watch the next video to get a better idea on how this little dance works.

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      Alternatively, you can skillfully use a plasma coil and strategically placed crates to bypass the area entirely as demonstrated in this next video. A special thanks goes to B5Dredbulltsff for the original discovery and to AuraSoldier313 for the awesome video. Thanks guys!

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      Leave the hive behind you, head through the next maze of corridors, down the chute, and trigger the door to the next area...

The Asset

      As vast as the next area is in size (and very impressive considering it's man-made), the threats standing between you and your goal are minimal; a Hammer-wielding Chieftain and two minor Brutes. You may be able to take out the minors from your current elevation while they've got their attention focuses on the door. Really? Are they really hoping to bust down that door with spikers and plasma rifles? Wow...
      After dealing with the minors, focus your attention on the Chieftain. A simple sidestep-assassination should bring a swift end to his reign of terror, granting you full access to the Superintendent's data center.

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      Ha... well I have to admit, I didn't see the pet squid scenario coming. So the Engineers are really some sort of Forerunner-made cyborgs eh? Neato.
      As soon as you exit the data center, you'll hear the Phantom dropping in from above. Keep running towards Buck (who has finally come to save the day at the end of the mission...) Turn around at the dead end and ready your carbine. A large mass of Grunts, Jackals, and Brutes will be charging your location. Your goal? Keep them from killing both you and the Engineer.
      Start by dodging any grenades that get spammed your way (from both friend AND foe!). Use the carbine to start picking off the Grunts. Don't worry too much about the Jackals since your Marines will do a commendable job with them via grenade spam.
      At some point during the battle, the Engineer will make its way down to you and unlock one of the side passages. I highly recommend waiting until after you've dealt with the Brutes before slipping inside after the Engineer and into the next dark section of the mission.
      Great. The ceiling is literally caked in sleeping Drones, and grenade-happy Buck is just itching to wake them up despite their non-lethal status. Tell me again how he was given the label "best of the best"? Take cover behind one of the mini-walls and be prepared to deal with more land-stricken Drones...
      Once they're dead, and your "team" is ready to move on, slide through the door opposite of the way you came in. This time, make a mad dash for the exit. Your allies will eventually catch up, and the help of the Engineer will be needed in order to unlock your exit as shown in the next video.

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      With the asset finally safe in your hands, it's finally time to head to the surface and vacate the ruins of New Mombasa!

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