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Halo: Distributive Property (Chapter #3)
Posted By: robofin117<robofin117@yahoo.com>
Date: 5 June 2011, 4:06 am

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When I regained consciousness, I was at school. Everything seemed normal. Being inside my desk, I was daydreaming. After a moment, I saw a dust fall in front of the classroom. A few seconds later, I heard a loud whine rush by the classroom. A whine of a Banshee. I then looked to the window at my left. The rattle of gunfire was heard from a distance. Next thing I know, the window exploded in front of me. An MA5C was next to me, but I was helpless to do anything. My classmates were trying to fight off the opposing force, but was quickly mowed down. I struggled to move. Once my hand was on the handle, I felt a quick surge of heat strike my stomach. Trying to raise the gun, I happened to glance at the ammo indicator. No ammo. Then I some sort of symbol in the burning sky. A few seconds later, I closed my eyes and waited for the end.
As my eyes opened once again, I realized I was still in my cryotube. My senses were blurred. The pod slowly opened with a rush of cold air exiting it. Splashes of white and bright colored lights filled my vision. I started coughing, while I was trying to breathe. The mucus-like fluid that was given to me before I went to cryogenics was now coming out of my mouth. Everyone was coming out of the pods. Medical personnel were at the ready to help with complications. To me, it felt like I just came out of the movie Inception. Anyways, four years passed since my journey into the frozen bed. As I exited the pod, I put on my glasses that were on the computer console. Biologically, the frozen group ranged from 13 years old to 15. The sixth graders and seventh excluded from stasis to be trained like the other Spartans and help the cryogenics group feel more at home for a lack of a better word.
By the time I was dressed, I found my self face-to-face with my little sister or my now 13 year old sister. I knew it would be unusual to find my sibling two years younger than me, but I never expected this. For me, it's like jumping forward into the future. I had a great amount of catching up to do. Mendez made my sister into a fighting machine. Though I wasn't indoctrinated at six years of age, I will fight for the UNSC and protect those that I care for. The chance to stop or prevent the Covenant-Human War is not possible from my standpoint. Humanity will face a grave enemy in their future and I am not going to sit around and let that happen.
Intense training. I felt like my whole body was on fire. I knew it was going to be hard, but never expected any of this. Being a gamer, I began to realize that this is my life now. No more being a couch potato. No more luxuries I take for granted. My former life is now only memory. My items were locked away and filed under research. "Alternate reality and time travel research." Most of my stuff was school related materials. The only other items were a Crunch candy bar and a Red vs. Blue Recollection DVD from the Christmas gift exchange. I doubt that they had DVD players in the 2500s. At least my book got out of there. The hope of a Spartan-III program rested on Mendez's shoulders, even though he does not know it himself.
Training went on for about three years. Mendez pushed us to the utmost extreme. During those years, I acquired a sketchbook to write in. Drawing after drawing, I sculpted various figures from my past. After I ran out of ideas, I started drawing the various figures that were to be seen in the near future. Today, we were up against the original Spartan-II candidates. This is one curveball I am kind of familiar with. We were to guard the camp in the field and hunt down the kids. Armed with tranquilizers, it would be difficult to capture them. Two teams were left at the camp for guard duty. The rest of us were to organize traps and or squads to find them. I had Kevin and Nathan with me in our squad. The thick foliage did not really help that well. "Mendez wants us to capture these SPARTAN II trainees. I don't expect this will end well." I said. "Well, what makes you say that? And how old are these 'trainees' anyway?" Nathan replied. "Now about twelve years old." I replied. "Wow. Wait, are you kidding me?" Kevin replied. "Hey! Keep your eyes peeled, watch for ambushes, and ready your weapon. We will probably be beaten the crap out of us and be left out here and have Mendez yelling at us." I talked back. As we walked, we found footprints leading toward somewhere. I radioed in and found out that a few teams are not answering theirs. Then, out of one of the trees, Kevin was jumped by a young girl. I had little time to react and accidentally shot Kevin and the attacker. Both of them were knocked out. "Are you alright?" Nathan asked. "Yeah, I'm fine. But Kevin isn't. Let's take the girl and him back to the camp." I answered. As I started to carry the girl, I noticed writing on her shirt. On a patch, it said "Allison." I shrugged off the thought and continued to the site.
When we arrived, our teams were not responding to the radio. I assumed that they were neutralized as well. Might as well give them a good fight. The guards set up barricades for cover. Day turned into night very quickly. With the distribution of energy bars, the sugar helped us keep our strength up We scoped the surroundings 24/7. Kevin was finally awake and joined our group. A few minutes in and one of us was hit. We all shot in the direction where the round came from. Down to about four clips for the each of us in the group. Suddenly, we were shot from all sides. Pinned down with an unknown amount of enemies shooting us. Immediately, Allison managed to break free from her restraints, grabbed a gun, and sprayed my team. In a flash, I was the only one left conscious. All the Spartans were coming out of the tree line and pointing the captured weapons at me. Then I said "Good game."
Halsey's incorporating us into the main program. This time, the candidates have to train with us. Hopefully being with each other would improve our skills as Spartans. First day together was met with mixed responses. Some of us were accepted with open arms, while others expressed their discontent. Days passed and there were quarrels here and there, but not very severe. I kept a positive attitude and very high tolerance levels from my "childish" adult relatives back in my reality. During that time, my calm attitude has helped me negotiate between the two factions.
My skills improved very quickly and I was able to incorporate myself and others into the Spartan-II "social network." This was similar to high school, except with a greater emphasis on military training. Firearms training was very satisfying. I was able to try a few of the guns on the firing range. The M45, M6 Series, M7, MA5s and the SRS99 are the weapons that I became accustomed to very quickly. Challenging the other Spartans at the shooting range was fun, but card games and chess were more entertaining. Rumors and news were always passed around in some of the game nights. One of these articles on news caught my attention. Jorge-052 shared that Black Team won against Red Team in Capture the Flag. Although he is a great friend, I would be happier if I won at least on game with him.