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Halo: Distributive Property (Chapter #2)
Posted By: robofin117<robofin117@yahoo.com>
Date: 2 April 2011, 7:20 pm

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On the night before the introduction for the SPARTAN-II program, I was confined to the cell and was handed papers. They were pictures and personnel files. These were on the people that were transported. So far, there were about forty students that were shown, all ranging from middle school to high school. My sister was among them. Every one of them have accepted to be a SPARTAN and have done so knowing others would join too. A number of the teachers were transferred to the project. Some were psychiatrists and doctors, while others were cooks. They faced moral shades of grey in the future and just had to take care of those they know.
ONI Monthly Status Report
September 23rd, 2517
Several of our contacts have a promising crop of new recruits from unconsidered sources. Slightly out of the selected criteria, but we cannot allow this one in a million chance just slip away. These candidates would arrive tomorrow and will be treated just like the others. When training starts, I would be researching new technologies and methods for the SPARTANS. Without a doubt, these soldiers would be the ultimate warriors capable of stopping the Insurrection from inflicting more damage to the UNSC.
From the Director of the SPARTAN-II Program
Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey
Office of Naval Intelligence Section 3
Today is September 24th, 2517. The ONI personnel fabricated faux backgrounds and personnel files. The other students that did not want to enlist were sent to New Alexandria with a decent amount of credits and signed a non-disclosure agreement. Halsey's contacts would keep tabs on them though. Clothing and beds were prepared with great efficiency. Life as a Spartan would not be the same. Adjusting would be quite a challenge. My friends would absolutely agree.
Before the initiation, we were all assigned new names, new identities. But, no matter what we will never forget who we are. My designation was Gregory-152. My friends were given Aida-163, Nathan-174, Kevin-153, Rusteen-166, Alyssa-164, and Tiffany-170. Jeremy transferred out of the program, but would be in the UNSC in the future. We were to memorize our fake backgrounds so that the higher ups do not smell something fishy. Differently than the original SPARTAN-II candidates, we would be separated.
Today, we will be put into cryogenics. The reason for that was to be within the approximate age group with the others in the future. Become the best we can be. By then, this universe's history would be changed. Years would pass in our sleep. I hope by then, we would make a difference. As we all get prepared, I talked to Mendez. I gave him the "Ghosts of Onyx" book. I told him that it would be a good read.
The cryopods opened and we stepped into each one of them. As I watched as my friends' pods close, I thought of the training that my sister would go through. Being only 11, she needed to be the approximate age as me for this to work. Having my teachers observing her, I knew she would be great. With the pod closing around me, I braced for the freezing, dreamless sleep. My body felt like it was freezing from all directions. In my last seconds of consciousness, I briefly witnessed a blurry figure standing next to my pod. At last my eyes were closed, and I heard my father's voice saying, "Do the best you can and take care of your sister." "I will." I said. And then there was blackness.
Earth: Present Day
The site of Southlands Christian Schools have been closed off. News copters are circling the airspace of this school or what was left of the school. What once was all buildings and students was reduced to a wide open field filled with grass. The preschool, however, was unaffected. Government officials have surrounded the site. A gauntlet of alien fanatics and conspirators are outside the perimeter protesting. People in radiation suits are scanning the area.
The Major appeared out of the tent and said to one of the techs, "Report!" The man said, "Sir! We are detecting miniscule amounts of an unknown radiation. One of the scientists concluded that this terrain was almost as if someone switched it with somewhere else." "How the hell can someone replace an entire school!?!?!?" "We don't know sir. Judging from plant and soil samples, it was probably a oxygen-nitrogen rich environment with flourishing flora and-" "In English, technician." "It does not match any environment found on Earth." "So you are saying that everyone in that school was transported to God who knows where and replaced with an alien landscape?" "Major, I do not know what to believe."