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The Way The World Ends
Posted By: PoeticRulesAll<randomiser1337@hotmail.com>
Date: 25 August 2011, 2:58 pm

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The civilian evacuation vehicles look entirely vulnerable
To the massive turrets they mount securely on their ships
So the lone ones that stray away like poor accidental cattle
Are burnt and blasted, wasted and blown to bits.
Bunkers, YES they are radiation free, are stuffed and packed
As the massive Frigates Eclipsing the city makes day into Night
Small and outnumbered forces are significantly beaten back
Their hanging-by-a-thread evacuation flares burn blue light.
The giant alien rays harness all their foreign omnipotent power
To form a looming luminous lighting so living of decayed death
And the most ironic, at every sinister heart-jamming hour
Everyone sheds tears of goodbye and makes final breaths.
Cast down from the thunderous sky like a lion ready to slay
It strikes deep and fast with immense heat, energy, force.
And if one dying man thinks "There can't be a worser day"
Tomorrow is going to turn into a massacre of holocost.
Their ships' bright beams burn everything down to the ground
While some highly trained forces get the entire city offline
Oh horror! Oh despair! The fear of that burning sound!
Only dust, echoes, barren infertile land of glass left behind.
Rampancy breaks hell loose as they utilize a criss-cross method
And advance slowly but surely towards the bombarded city
Buildings collapse as I speak of what would be my last word
And thousands of millions of people will die alongside me.
Humans do fight back vallantly but the most end up dead
In wreckages of outdated technology and metal things
Nothing can change the tide but we calmed and prayed
Yet drops of black ink set off in pure water unleashed screams.
Unless someone comes to deliever hope we are imprisoned
In an uphill both ways power struggle where we are weak
I find no sense as to why we are like this, absolutely no reason
Where we are just innocent civilians dying because of greed.
I close my eyes and wait for savior to save all our lives
But the wait seems to take forever, has he perished too?
We all shed tear droplets with each blinking of eyes
Cry. This is the way the world ends in 2552.