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Fall Of Contra - Endgame
Posted By: PoeticRulesAll<randomiser1337@hotmail.com>
Date: 25 August 2011, 2:57 pm

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Heavy Frigates amongst the Space Elevator
You know the end from the very beginning;
Human corpses scattered around their vehicle
The burning of the world sees the sun setting.

It's the close of the closed hydroelectric plant
As empty clips of Anti Material rounds lay to rest;
The crack in the bridge where the elephant sunk
Is gone because the whole bridge burned to death.

The nature reserve stands isolated in its sea
While the airfield opposite is littered with debris;
The Sabre Launching Facility is deserted and empty
The demon claiming what was rightfully his.

The desert is still deserted with Frigate Wrecks
Of which 6 belonged to the UNSC until then;
The secret underground base and its complex
Got razed as the laser beam started to descend.

The Meterological Station is nowhere to be seen
Guess the Wolf Spiders never defended it well;
The crashed longsword wreck is still flaming
A twisted Spartan body spawled over the hull.

Dropped weapon caches that didn't get used
Destroyed Dropships and Twisted Metal in a pile;
We tried to go over but didn't break through
The only choice for us now is exile.

And Elemental Storm lies in its final resting place
Nothing but morbid death awaits the remaining;
The Covenant Cruisers give the skyline a new face
As their lasers continue… burning.