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Rolling Thunder!
Posted By: PoeticRulesAll<randomiser1337@gmail.com>
Date: 20 March 2012, 9:12 am

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The force of the dawn Invasion
The strength of a thousand suns;
All battled ready for insertion
As Machinery whirrs along.

The Falcon breaks the dust overhead
Two Galting LAAG's sit on its sides;
Her voice over the COM yells DETONATE
And the spire is ripped towards its demise.

The warthogs speed along the path
With various artilery on their back;
Then skyhigh Wraith Mortars are thrust
Targeting the Light Vehicles in attack.

Banshees whir overhead as they boost
Forward to drop their heavy Fuel Rods;
Rocket Warthogs spin upward and fuse
Their heavy projectiles in grey fog.

The lone Mongoose swerves and lives
From a heavy red revenant shot fired;
Then it's blown down the steep cliff
By a Fuel Rod from the Phantom wired.

The Phantom speeds up and opens its drop bay
Then more Fuel Rods are fired from the grunts;
An elite holding a plasma in hand times his play
And sticks a troop transport warthog to crumbs.

I stick my body out of the passenger seat
Holding my Anti Air Rocket Launcher in hand
I take aim and lock on to the Phantom dropship
Letting the missile take it down to land.

Two longswords fly overhead at sonic speed
And drop their Shiva Nukes over the AAA;
Now that the airspace is clear and leet
We can bring the Frigate its day.

Covalence sears out of its slipspace portal above
And fires on the Wraiths by bombardment;
The wraiths explode in clouds of blue disperse
Followed by the ground forces in unison.

Then covenant wrecks and covenant blood
Splattered all over the desert plateau sand
Human casualties are low and untouched
Our voices ring out with patriotic hands.

Rolling thunder we are
Warthogs, Tanks, Falcons, Covalence and all
An unyielding Invasion force admist the stars
Riding the storm and securing mankind's war.

Hey, PoeticRulesAll here. I'm still working on Halo fan-fiction, despite my great pause. I'm currently planning a sequel to my long Halo epic narrative in the form of a poem, Arms Race. The first Arms Race is viewable in HBO here: http://halo.bungie.org/fanfic/?story=PoeticRulesA0821111046461.html

Do email me at randomiser1337@hotmail.com if you want to contact me directly. My gmail is flooded with spam!

Thanks, and have a great day!